EastEnders Spoilers: All next week’s gossip from Albert Square

Max Branning Carmel EastEnders

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EastEnders fans, here's your weekly dose of red hot spoilers from Albert Square

It's been a dramatic few weeks on Albert Square, what with Michelle's horror crash, the truth about her and Preston coming out, plus the death of Sylvie Carter. The fallout is still sending shockwaves around the Square - particularly with the Fowlers. Will Michelle ever get her family back on side? Elsewhere, Max Branning is up to his old tricks...

1. Is there romance on the cards for Max and Carmel?

Max Branning Carmel EastEnders
I*s Max up to something? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Ah Max Branning, Walford's answer to Casanova. Things have been very quiet for ladies' man, Max, since he came out of prison at the tail end of last year. But, as they say, you can't keep a good man down. The East End lothario grows closer to Carmel in next week's episodes as they bond over Carmel falling out with one of Max's many ex-lady-friends, Stacey Fowler - over baby Arthur. The pair go for a drink and Max promises he'll have a word with Stacey. Is he genuinely interested in Carmel, or is she just a pawn in his plan to take down Walford?

2. Bex and Shakil grow close again

Bet Fowler EastEnders
Bex's bullying nightmare continues (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Poor Bex has been through the ringer recently with all that Michelle and Preston business. You'd think her bullies - resident witches Madison and Alexandra - would give her a bit of a break. But no. Luckily, Shakil is on hand to support Bex when she goes busking. Until Martin catches them, that is. He warns Shakil off his daughter, but will the smitten teen listen? Elsewhere Bex is shocked when Madison apologises for everything they've put her through. But is she being genuine? Errrr....

3. Has Michelle got an unexpected ally?

Stacey and Michelle Fowler EastEnders
Does Michelle have an ally in Stacey? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

It's probably fair to say that Michelle Fowler is not one of Walford's most popular ladies at the moment. She's fallen out with her brother, Martin, keeps bickering with Sharon and drove through her old pal Ian's chippy. So when Stacey holds an olive branch out to her sister-in-law and invites her over for a meal - Michelle happily accepts. But what will Martin think about it? Not good things, we're guessing.

4. Does Steven find out Lauren's secret?

Lauren Branning Steven Beale EastEnders
Is Steven onto Lauren? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Lauren is bored in her relationship with Steven and has been finding excitement in her flirtation with Josh. Next week, Steven starts to question Lauren's frequent nights out without him, as she heads out yet again with newly single Whitney Carter. Will he find out the truth about Josh? Will Lauren give in to a full-blown affair? Is Peter EVER coming back? Who knows.

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