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Sally Metcalfe Coronation Street

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It's another big week in Coronation Street - read on for our red hot spoilers!

Sally Metcalfe, Peter Barlow and Maria Connor are all lined up to have a tough time over the coming week. Corrie fans already know that Sally is being targeted by a sick troll, but things recently stepped up a gear, when she was told her cancer had returned. The phone call turned out to be a hoax and things get even more terrifying for her next week...

1. Sally's stalking nightmare continues

Sally Metcalfe Coronation Street
I*s Sally in danger when she gives her speech? (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Tim is worried when he finds out Sal's reactivated her social media accounts and is worried she's putting herself in danger. It looks like he's right when Sally gets a text telling her to look at the Gazette, where she spots her own obituary - er, terrifying, much? Later, she opens a package and is horrified by its contents. Tim vows to find out who's behind the terror campaign and suggests Sally stands down from the council, how will she react? Tim is convinced he has spotted her stalker as she gives her LGBTQI speech at the Town Hall, but when he confronts the woman and stamps on her phone, the police are called. Has he made a terrible mistake? Rosie and Sophie take on the detective mantle after this - will they get better results?

2. Peter Barlow is arrested for assault

Peter Barlow Coronation Street
Peter is arrested for assault (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Things just aren't going well for Peter at the moment, bless him. He's just about to set off to the hospital with Toyah for her egg harvesting when the police turn up and arrest him for assault. Toyah asks Leanne to go with her to the clinic, while the police interview Peter and reveal that Chloe has said he assaulted her the night before Ken was attacked. Can Peter prove she's lying? It doesn't look likely when the police produce Simon's phone and play the incriminating message saying he planned to skip town after Ken's assault. Peter tells Toyah that Chloe is trying to frame him for Ken's attack.

3. Maria and David continue to wind up Gail

David Platt Maria Connor Coronation Street
David and Maria have news for Gail (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Maria is hurt when she spots Aidan in the cafe and he's indifferent to her. In a bid to make him jealous, she cosies up to David. Will it work? David continues to wind Gail up about his and Maria's 'relationship' and tells her that Maria is pregnant and they're getting engaged. Gail is stunned. But when Audrey later tells her it's a wind up, she resolves to get even. Meanwhile, Maria confides in David about her affair with Aidan and that he refused to leave Eva for her. Will David be able to keep this to himself?

4. Robert has a surprise for Michelle

Johnny Jenny Michelle Coronation Street
Jenny fires Michelle as her wedding planner (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Michelle returns from holiday and apologises to Robert for how she treated him before she left. Then she falls foul of Jenny when she comforts Johnny over his wedding nerves. Jenny sacks her as their wedding planner and Michelle confesses to Robert that she doesn't know what to do with herself now. Robert offers her the manager's job at the Bistro. Will she take it? Also, Steve calls and begs her to attend marriage counselling with him. Robert buries his feelings for her and encourages her to go. Sounds like she's got some big decisions to make!

5. Bethany tries to build bridges with Nathan

Bethany Platt Coronation Street
Bethany begs Nathan for another chance (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Heartbroken and desperate to save her relationship, Bethany Platt apologises to Nathan for overreacting about the picture of him and Mel kissing. She begs him for another chance. Will he agree? Of course he will, he's got her right where he wants her...

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