This again?! Stacey CHEATS with Max in EastEnders

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EastEnders fans are about to get the shock of their lives as Stacey Fowler and Max Branning get it on

EastEnders bosses have decided to revisit their infamous Max Branning/Stacey Slater (now know as Fowler) storyline.

Back in 2007 fans of the BBC show were glued to their TV screens after Max and Stacey's year long affair finally came to light on Christmas Day while the whole family sat round the tele.

Oh memories.

Since then, Bradley Branning fell off the Vic, Stacey killed Archie Mitchell and Max Branning has been set on revenge after he was wrongfully imprisoned for killing Lucy Beale.

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eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist - SLIDER

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist1 of 5

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist

Mick knows all his money problems could be solved if the robbery goes to plan. However the BIG question is, WILL it go to plan? We hate to say it, but since when has any high risk caper in Walford ever worked out as expected? Er....that'll be never!

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist2 of 5

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist

But with his Santa duties complete, later on the cash-strapped landlord starts to have a serious wobble about the heist and begins to think he should back out. However sinister Irishman Aidan is not a man who likes to be crossed and things take a turn for the worse when Linda later makes a terrible discovery in the Vic. What "present" exactly has Aidan delivered for Mick?

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist3 of 5

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist

Ex con Aidan gears up for the heist of the year as he gathers together his motley group of willing criminals including Mick, Phil and Vincent and Keanu.

eastenders christmas spoilers mick heist4 of 5

Mick as Santa

With the plans for the dangerous job already laid and Aidan's anger growing, will the heist go ahead and if so could there be deadly consequences that will leave lives hanging in the balance?

EastEnders5 of 5


But before he gets stuck into any criminal activities with his new best mate Aidan, he's got presents to dish out in the Vic as he wriggles into his Santa suit much to the delight of the Albert Square little ones who start queueing up for their goodies...

Christmas Day DVD Stacey Slater Max Branning

Things have certainly changed in both their lives but this Christmas the former lovers will reunite after Max is shunned by everyone else.

Tension in the Fowler house run high as Stacey tries her hardest to help Max out meanwhile her husband Martin is less than impressed. After Max manages to get Stacey alone on Christmas Eve they begin to argue over Max's actions and Stacey slaps him after he teases that's she's not the Slater he once knew.

Stacey Fowler Max Branning

However, it soon becomes clear that there's a lot of tension between the pair and as things heat up they struggle to resist each other.

With emotions running high one thing leads to another and the pair begin to snog... but is this just the beginning of another sordid affair? Will the pair get caught?

So many question!

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