Things get PHYSICAL between former lovers Max and Stacey this Christmas

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As tensions rise between the exes, and old wounds are re-opened, Stacey lashes out with a slap!

With Max’s treachery and double-crossing exposed, the Branning dad finds himself out in the cold this Christmas but one person who seems to have his back is his ex Stacey.

When Stace finds the ginger plotter shunned by everyone, including his nearest and dearest, Lauren and Abi, and in a state that’s bordering on psychotic, she can’t help but step in to help him.

However who can forget the sizzling chemistry these two once shared? Have they put their passionate past firmly behind them or is Stacey’s other half, Martin, right to concerned when he discovers his missus has invited Max to stay under their roof for Christmas.

With tensions simmering and past actions set to resurface what could possibly go wrong?


Stacey Fowler slaps Max Branning at Christmas

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Having gone to war with Ian and threatened to killhim for putting him behind bars, Max is becoming increasingly unhinged and is bordering on psychotic. Gulp!Stace is worried to find her ex in such a state and ushers him back to her place but Martin is not too impressed to have Max as a house guest and the Fowler couple are soon bickering over him being under their roof.

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With huffy Martin out of the way, Stacey tries to get through to broken Max and it's clear there's still a spark and a whole lot of chemistry between the pair.

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Later on Stacey has to take part in the Walford nativity play but a needy Max, who seems to have unfinished business with his ex, doesn't want to be left alone and cooks up a reason to bring her home. Meanwhile Martin is fuming to learn that his wife has ditched her part in the play to be by her ex's side.

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As Stacey arrives back at the house a troubled Max begins to unburden himself and Stace finds her thoughts wandering back to the passionate past the pair of them shared.

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However when Max can't resist teasing her, telling her she's no longer the Slater he once knew, Martin's wife is furious and lashes out with a slap to Max's cheek! That'll show him!As sparks fly between the fiery pair what else is about to unfold?

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Is Stace about to have serious regrets about offering her ex a place to stay and inviting him and his daughters, Abi and Lauren, for Christmas Day lunch? And with her long lost mobile phone now recovered, we all know it's only a matter of time before Jane's panicked message about Max's full evil deeds comes to light!

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