Fans think Max will MURDER Lauren and Abi in EastEnders this Christmas

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EastEnders viewers have revealed what they think will happen this Christmas

Christmas in EastEnders is always explosive; over the years we've watched Alfie and Kat get married, Archie Mitchell was murdered in the Vic and Stacey and Max's affair was revealed on *that *DVD.

So, with Christmas around the corner and Lauren and Abi Branning leaving the show, Eastenders fans have revealed their theories on what might happen this festive season and they all seem pretty believable.

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EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings - SLIDER

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings1 of 9

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

Meanwhile, as his life unravels, Max is hellbent on making Ian Beale pay for having him wrongfully banged up behind bars for Lucy's murder.

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings2 of 9

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

He pays Squeale a visit and things soon turn very violent indeed as the two men go head to head...

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings3 of 9

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

As their bitter warring rages on, Ian attempts to defend himself as Max threatens to kill him!

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings4 of 9

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

All Max's crimes - including the fact he was responsible for Steven's death and later threatened to bump off Jane - are in the incriminating recorded message, and with the mobile now recovered and on charge, the device is a ticking time bomb!

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings5 of 9

EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

With Jane's voicemail message still lurking on Stacey's phone and with the whole terrible truth about Max set to emerge at any second, he, Lauren and pregnant Abi are on borrowed time…

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EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

And as events escalate, it's not long before the turkey dinner is plunged into catastrophe and the Brannings lives are destroyed forever as the full extent of Max's ruthless deeds are exposed in all their gory detail! That smile is about to be well and truly wiped off Abi's face!

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EastEnders christmas spoilers brannings

Things explode in catastrophic style for murderous Max and his daughters when Stacey's phone, containing Jane's voicemail messages, suddenly resurfaces. YIKES!

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With Max out in the cold and with no-one else to turn to, Stacey later softens and tells him he and his girls can spend Christmas Day with her, Martin and the rest of the Fowler clan. But is she about to bitterly regret that decision?

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Later on and with everyone against him, Max realises his only ally is his ex Stacey. The frazzled mum is gearing up to play an angel in the Walford Nativity play, but Max lures her back to her house pretending he's left his wallet there. The ginger plotter is keen to get Stacey on side but when she realises he's lied to her, a furious Stace tells him to leave. However, Max isn't finished yet and when he goads her, telling her that she's lost her, "Slater spark", she angrily lashes out and slaps him. OUCH!

EastEnders Max Branning Abi Branning

Since he returned last Christmas, Max Branning has been hell-bent on revenge after everyone let him go to prison for killing Lucy Beale (even though it was really her brother Bobby).

We've seen him scheme, lie and even leave Jane Beale to die in a fire but this Christmas his revenge is set to come to an all time climax as his family discover the full extent of his and Weyland and Co's plans to take over Walford.

EastEnders Max Branning

BBC bosses are keeping tight lipped on how Max's daughters leave the square but that hasn't stopped fans from guessing...

Max is killed this Christmas

One person reckons Max will meet his maker on the square, they wrote on Twitter: "They're blatantly lining this up to kill Max and give us a 'whodunnit' #EastEnders".

It wouldn't be EastEnders' first whodunnit storyline and we doubt it will be the last... If Max is killed at Christmas will the girls runaway from their guilt of murdering him? Will they be arrested for killing their dad? Or will they leave Albert Square because it reminds them of their dad too much?

Lauren and Abi go on the run

Another Twitter user suggested Lauren and Abi would kill their dad after they discover Max knew Steven was lying about his illness, his role in the dad-to-be's death and that he forced Jane to leave the square.

They tweeted: "The last time we’ve had an Eastenders storyline that has been kept a secret from the viewers was Who Killed Lucy. I’m actually hyped to see how the Branning sisters leave Eastenders now. I hope they kill Max & ditch the square instead of thee other way round🙊"

Lauren dies from alcohol poisoning

EastEnders fans will remember Lauren 's battle with alcohol and despite being told she could die if she has one more alcoholic drink, we've since seen her drink vodka following Stephen's death.

So another viewer has suggested: "How many drinks has Lauren had since she was told one drink could kill her? Countdown to Christmas?! Guess this is how she leaves!#EastEnders"

Lauren and Abi are both killed off

There's been lots of speculation on whether Lauren and Abi will follow in the Mitchell sisters footstep and one fan has said: "Bet they are going to make the same mistake as last year and kill off Lauren and Abi, just like Ronnie and Roxy #EastEnders"

Max kills his daughters

Over the past few months Max has proved he's capable of pretty much anything, so will he kill his daughters after his revenge plot is finally revealed? One fan thinks so, they tweeted: "I'm terrified looking at the picture... Max looks scary as hell 😨😨😨

"I hope he doesn't electrocute his daughters or choke them with the Christmas lights. Oh no this storyline is going to be big this Christmas"

Tanya returns after Abi kills her dad


One viewer is hoping Abi and Lauren's mum Tanya will return to the square on Christmas Day. They wrote on Twitter: "Prediction for #EastEnders Xmas Day ep... Tanya will be back and Max will be run over and killed by #Abi xx"

Well, that sure is a lot of theories and if you think that's the only drama on the square this Christmas you're wrong! We've got the full list of EastEnders Christmas Day spoilers for you.

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So, which theory do you agree with? Or do you have your own? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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