Madeline Duggan: remember EastEnders OG Lauren Branning? Here’s what she’s doing now

She was the daughter of Max Branning and sister of Abi Branning

Madeline Duggan

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You probably know Madeline Duggan best for her stint as Lauren Branning in Eastenders. Well if that's all you know her from you are in for a surprise.

Madeline, just like her costar and onscreen romantic interests Thomas Law, has changed A LOT since she first arrived in Albert Square, to the point you'd be forgiven for not immediately recognising her at all.

During her stint on the show as Lauren she definitely bought the drama, with storylines involving romance, adultery and attempted murder - A LOT considering Madeline was only 13-years-old when she joined the cast.

If this has got you wondering what the ex-soap-star is up to now you're in luck as we have you sorted with this breakdown of everything Madeline has been up to since leaving Eastenders.

Who is Madeline Duggan?

Madeline Duggan is an actor best known her stint on Eastenders. Madeline first got into acting in 2003, playing Little Cosette in a production of Les Misérables at the Palace Theatre in the West End. Eastenders was her first role in TV.

Since leaving Eastenders she had roles in TV shows such as The Tunnel and Silent Witness, but ultimately didn't see the same success as some of her other costars.

Who was Madeline Duggan on Eastenders?

Madeline played Lauren Branning on Eastenders. She was the first of two actors to play the role and was part of the cast from 2006 to 2010. She was replaced by Jacqueline Jossa who left in 2018 after Lauren was written out of the show.

Lauren Branning was the daughter of Max Branning and Tanya Branning and was a mainstay on the show during her time as part of the cast.

Madeline Duggan
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What happened to Lauren Branning on Eastenders?

"What didn't happen to Lauren Branning on Eastenders?" would be a better question to ask. The poor girl went through A LOT, even during Madeline's time playing her. Madeline played Lauren when she was first introduced to Albert Square, rocking up with her mum, dad and younger sister, Abi Branning, in 2006.

The following year Lauren found out her dad was cheating on her mum with her half-brother Bradley Branning's fiancée, Stacey Slater. When she revealed this discovery her parent's marriage broke down (oof).

Another of her main storylines during her time on the show was her relationship with Peter Beale, played by Thomas Law. Her dad was initially disapproving of their relationship, even strangling Peter. In response to this Lauren ran her dad over with a car, leaving him in a coma.

Madeline Duggan and Thomas Law
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Whilst her mum initially took the wrap and was sent to prison for attempted murder, Lauren confessed and was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and was sentenced to two years under supervision.

Her dad eventually came round to her relationship with Peter after Peter expressed his love for Lauren, and Lauren and Peter we able to pursue a relationship.

This relationship comes to an end after Peter lies to his friends about having sex with her and despite the pair reconciling, it comes to an end again after Lauren and her family are forced to leave Albert Square once the extent of her dad's debts are revealed and they are forced to leave the East end.

During her sixteenth birthday celebration at a nightclub, her uncle Jack Branning is shot by Kylie (damn, the girl just can't catch a break). Madeline's stint as Lauren came to the end when she went to spend the summer at a summer camp in the United States.

How old is Madeline Duggan?

Madeline was born on 28th June 1994 meaning she is currently 27-years-old.

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Will Madeline Duggan return to Eastenders?

It seems unlikely that she would return to the show, but the potential for Lauren to return from New Zealand is open.

In 2020 Madeline revealed on Twitter that she had come to terms with being replaced by Jacqueline Jossa. She said: “I was very young and it give (sic) me options to do other things and get an American agent and enjoy some teenage life without being on screen lol worked out for the best.”

It seems from this that whilst she bears no ill feelings towards the producers for replacing her, she doesn't want to return to the show anytime soon.

What is Madeline Duggan up to now?

Madeline revealed in a tweet in 2020 that she had started working part-time in a doctor's surgery as "being an out of work actress doesn't pay". In the Tweet she used her platform to persuade people to go to hospital if they needed to in spite of their concerns due to COVID-19.

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It's incredible that she used her platform to promote this message and commendable that she worked in healthcare during the pandemic. Even though she may not be seeing the same fame as she once did, it is great to see she is able to do rewarding work and use her platform for good.

Later in 2020 Madeline collaborated with celebs such as Frank Bruno and X Factor winner Sam Bailey to form a musical supergroup called The Celebs. They raised money for Alzheimer's Society and Action for Children during the pandemic. They released a cover of Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens which reached number 2 on the iTunes pop chart.

Does Madeline Duggan have Instagram?

She does - you can follow her @madelinedugganxx.

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