EastEnders’ Jake Wood reveals all about Max Branning’s return to Walford: ‘Viewers will be shocked!’

Max is back. Back again.

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It's been a long and lonely 14-months since the devlish, snake hipped, womanising former car salesman has been on our screens in EastEnders. Oh, Max Branning how we've missed you and your naughty ways.

Viewers are super excited to have Max Branning back in Walford this Christmas - but what's in store for the lothario who has spent the last 14 months in prison and on the run? Has Max changed at all? And is he after revenge or forgiveness?

Exciting new teaser pictures of Max's return have been released that see him reunited with Phil Mitchell, The Beales and his beloved daughters (who saw him go down for Lucy Beale's murder but stood back) Lauren and Abi Branning.

Max will make his big comeback on Christmas day, with actor Jake Wood, who plays Max, promising a side of Max no one has quite seen before.

Speaking to Radiotimes, he said: "He's a changed character.

"It was interesting for me to see those changes - he's not the same man as when he left. And I think the viewers will be surprised and excited about that. The reaction he gets will be interesting."

Oooooo. Changed as in he's learnt from all his past mistakes? Or changed as in the only thing he wants is revenge on people who have wronged him? Like the Beales for example...

Addresing the matter of revenge, Jake said: "If he's going to live on that Square, they have to come to some sort of understanding, put it that way. It's up to Max whether he forgives them or not. He's spent all that time in prison as a result of them lying in court. But it depends how Max feels when he gets back."

Max will have to tread carefully, especially as his daughter Lauren has been living with the very people that got Max banged up. And speaking of his daughters, will he try and build bridges with the two girls he's hurt the most?

Abi and Lauren Branning

"As it turns out, things are better between Lauren and Max than they are with Abi. "I think Lauren will be more pleased to see him, but hopefully Abi will come around. As I say, Max is a changed character coming back, so hopefully the girls will see that."

Missed Max as much as we have? Why don't you remind yourself of all the amazing storylines he's been apartof while you count the days until his much-anticipated return.

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