Lauren and Abi Brannings’ most shocking EastEnders storylines

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As Lauren and Abi Branning say farewell to Walford, we take a look back at some of their most SHOCKING storylines...

Who would have thought back in 2006 when they rocked up in Albert Square that little Lauren and Abi Branning would turn into such... um... manipulative young women?

Lauren (played by Madeline Duggan and then Jacqueline Jossa) and Abi (played by Lorna Fitzgerald) have put in some stonking performances and will be sorely missed in Albert Square.

Here’s a look back at Lauren and Abi Brannings' of their most memorable EastEnders moments...


Lauren and Abi's most shocking storylines on Eastenders

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Lauren exposing her dad's affair on Christmas Day

Old-faced Lauren was involved in one of the most jaw-dropping Christmas storylines in EastEnders history, when she accidentally-on-purpose filmed her dad Max smooching his daughter-in-law Stacey and stood by as the entire Branning fam watched the infidelity on DVD on Christmas Day! This was just the start of A LOT more drama for young Lauren…

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When Lauren tried to kill her own dad in a hit and run

It doesn't get much darker than trying to off your own parent, but that's exactly what little Lauren tried to do. After Lauren tries to take her dad out in a hit and run - leaving him in a coma - it's her mum Tanya who takes the fall, pleading guilty to attempted murder. Thankfully Lauren eventually stepped up and admitted her guilt, but manages to skip jail.

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When Lauren was groomed by paedophile Tony King

One of Lauren's most disturbing storylines has to be when she was groomed by Albert Square paedophile Tony King - the evil stepfather of her best friend Whitney, who he was already having a sexual relationship with. Thankfully Tony was unmasked before he could attack Lauren too, but it was still a terrifying ordeal.

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Lauren's life threatening drinking problem

Lauren's battle with booze is one of her longest and most defining storylines. With so much drama in her life, Lauren turns to alcohol to numb the pain but obviously, it ultimately just causes more trouble. Even when she's diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis, Lauren can't give up, and is eventually sent off to rehab by her exhausted mum, Tanya.

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Lauren Branning's secret affair

Lauren turned from victim to culprit when, after discovering her father's affair, she embarks on an illicit romance herself. After attending a mutual alcohol recovery class, Lauren quickly falls in love with married man, Jake. Lauren tries to end the affair but ultimately can't stay away until, in a strange twist of fate, the affair is uncovered by Jake's daughter. Hhmmm... sounds familiar, eh?

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Abi's first love- Jay Mitchell

Abi and Jay were love's young dream - one of Albert Square's cutest ever couples, they were best friends as well as lovers and ultimate #CoupleGoals. But this being EastEnders, their love didn't last, and their final separation marked the end of the sweet, thoughtful Abi we all knew, and the beginning of her new bitter, spiteful persona.

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When Abi killed Tramp

The first sign of the new hard-hearted Abi came when she killed Tramp the dog. Yes, it may have been an accident, but after running him over she cruelly declared: "Things die". Pretty ironic considering she wanted to be a vet!

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Abi's seriously messed up relationship with Ben

After the breakdown of her relationship with Jay, Abi embarks on a doomed relationship with Ben Mitchell – who is not only basically Jay's half-brother, but is also gay. Hhhmmm. The relationship sees Abi reach a new low, when she fakes a pregnancy and then a miscarriage. Ultimately Ben finds out the truth and exposes Abi's lie – and most of her body – to the entire Queen Vic.

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Who killed Lucy Beale? All eyes were on the Brannings...

The Who Killed Lucy Beale whodunnit was one of EastEnders' most epic storylines and, of course, the Branning sisters - along with their dodgy dad Max - were caught up in the tangled web of lies and suspicion. After being put on trial, Max threw his own daughter under the bus and claimed Abi was guilty. Meanwhile Lauren, who knew that Bobby was the real killer, kept schtum until the very last minute, by which time the police didn't believe her and her dad was wrongfully sentenced to 20-years behind bars. Oops!

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The Lauren-Abi-Steven love triangle

Really, it was only a matter of time before the Branning sisters became embroiled in a love triangle, and that finally happened when Abi made play for Lauren's psycho partner, Steven Beale. Despite the fact that controlling Steven stalked Lauren and even lied about having a brain tumour, Abi fell for him hard and made a BIG play for her sister's O/H. Lucky for Steven, he was dead by the time Lauren found out the truth!

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