Coronation Street: Zeedan Nazir’s true intentions revealed

So this is why he's back...

Zeedan Nazir return

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After Zeedan Nazir's shock arrival back in Weatherfield last week, Alya and Yasmeen Nazir are suspicious about his motives.

After Zeedan is beaten up in an unprovoked attack, he initially blames Ryan Connor but later his true intentions are revealed - he's back because he's in trouble and he needs his family's help.

Gemma Winter Aled Freda Burgess Corrie
Gemma panics when Aled goes missing ©ITV

Elsewhere, Gemma Winter is panicked when Freda Burgess kidnaps Aled before his cochlear implant operation in a bid to make Gemma see that Aled's deafness is part of his identity and doesn't need 'fixing'.

David Platt is furious when Max Turner tells him that Daniel Osborne is treating him differently at school because of his ADHD, and in an explosive confrontation in the street David accuses Daniel of favouritism.

Kelly Neelan demands to know the truth about her dad, Grace Vickers runs Ed Bailey into the ground and Norris Cole has one last act of mischief for his friends.

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Alya and Yasmeen accept Zeedan's loan but are mistrustful over why he's returned. Later Zeedan is attacked by thugs and after taking a disliking to Ryan, makes out that he thinks it was him. After leaving hospital, Zeedan admits he's in trouble and that's why he's back.

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Sharon visits Kelly in prison and tells her that someone's made an anonymous donation to fund her case, and Kelly is convinced it must be her dad. When another inmate, Mia, tells Kelly that Rick is the reason she's locked up and her mum is dead, Kelly rings Gary demanding to know the truth.

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Zeedan calls in at the Rovers and apologises to Ryan for falsely accusing him of attacking him, pointing out that Alya still feels strongly for him. Ryan's hopes are lifted.

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After Daniel reluctantly agrees to give Summer extra tuition for her Oxbridge application, David clocks on and storms up to Daniel, accusing him of favouritism and for ignoring Max in school because of his ADHD.

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Gemma and Bernie are preparing Aled for his cochlear implant operation but things get hairy when Freda takes him and barricades herself in the community centre, showing Aled a website of successful deaf people. Outside, Gemma tries her best to get through to Freda using the interpreter but will Freda see sense?

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A bad tempered Grace calls at the builders yard for Ed and reels off a list of repairs that need doing at the new house if they ever want to see Grace again. When Ed is too exhausted to celebrate James' return to football with a meal, Aggie rails at Grace for working him into the ground, for free.

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It's the day of Norris' funeral and an argument breaks out with Norris, in his final letter to his friend, reveals that for years Rita had been secretly having her hair coloured by Claudia, leaving Audrey furious at the betrayal.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Corrie...

Tyrone Dobbs is struggling to feign enthusiasm as Alina Popp excitedly plans their big Romanian wedding.

After he finally admits to himself - and to her - that he wants to get back together with Fiz Brown, how will Alina react?

Norris Cole's funeral
It's the day of Norris's funeral ©© ITV Pictures


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And how will Fiz handle the news, given she's happy with new beau Phill?

Elsewhere Daniel Osborne prepares for his first day at his new job but is quickly disheartened when Max Turner makes it clear that he's not about to make Daniel's life easy and couldn't care less about school.

Rita Sullivan and Audrey Roberts are devastated to learn from Freda Burgess that Norris Cole has suffered a fatal stroke, and there's a familiar face back in Weatherfield.

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