Coronation Street: Harvey Gaskell vows revenge on the Battersby sisters

He's plotting from behind bars

Harvey Gaskell Battersby sisters

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After discussions last week, Toyah Battersby is thrilled to tell Imran Habeeb that they'll be fostering another little girl, Elsie.

But what should be a happy time for Imran is marred by mounting blackmail from his ex-wife Sabeen. When Imran feels he has no choice but to come clean to Toyah, she puts on a brave face but by taking revenge into her own hands, unwittingly puts herself and her sister Leanne Battersby in grave danger.

Sabeen Habeeb Corrie
Sabeen's blackmail continues ©ITV

Elsewhere, Kevin Webster is relieved to have Abi Franklin home safe and sounds but his worries return when she can't promise to stick around and when Nina Lucas wants to know why Abi is so reluctant to reschedule the wedding, she's left quietly suspicious of Abi's motives.

Natasha Blakeman wants to move into the empty salon and gets chatting to Dev Alahan, while Bernie Winter notices a spark between them, and Jenny Bradley has a hot new suitor - leaving Johnny Connor crushed.

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Coronation Street Monday 11 - Friday 15 October

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Kevin is stunned when he wakes up from a night on the sofa to find Abi back home. Abi apologises for worrying him and insists she stayed clean. But despite Kevin and Jack laying on welcome home celebrations, they're left disappointed when Abi can't promise she'll be sticking around.

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In the street, Dev and Natasha stop for a chat and she tells him she's looking into buying the empty salon to move into so that Sam can be closer to the Platt's. Bernie watches on and notices Dev's interest in Natasha.

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After last week's discussion about fostering another child, Toyah shares some good news with Imran - they'll be fostering a little girl, Elsie. But Imran struggles to get excited as the mounting pressure from Sabeen consumes him.

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Still feeling jilted by Dev, Bernie makes out that Natasha has confided in her that she's got the hots for him. Feeling bolstered, Dev makes a show of asking Natasha out on a date but she tells him he's got the wrong end of the stick. Bernie finds it hysterical.

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Leo pays a visit to the Rovers with a bunch of flowers and overhears Jenny telling Daisy she's happily single. Daisy accepts the flowers from Leo and concedes that she should give him a chance - but is surprised to read the card and learn that the flowers are for Jenny!

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Nina pays a visit to see Abi at number 13 and asks why she's not planning on rescheduling the wedding. When Abi answers that it's too much hassle, Debbie and Kevin promise to sort everything, forcing her to agree. Kevin is thrilled while Nina is quietly suspicious.

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Fearing exposure, Imran comes clean to Toyah about his one-night-stand with a stranger, leaving Toyah devastated. At the solicitors office, Sabeena confronts Imran about the private messages he's forwarded onto her boss - which is when Imran realises his phone is missing.

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A downcast Johnny meets Carla at the Bistro for dinner. When he confides in her that his life feels purposeless, she offers him a consultancy job at the factory. A delighted Johnny accepts but the mood is ruined when Jenny arrives at the Bistro dressed to the nines for a date with Leo.

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Imran tells Sabeena that Toyah must have forwarded the messages but Sabeena warns him he's made an enemy of Harvey Gaskell. Sabeena pays a visit to the prison and tells Harvey everything. From behind bars, he vows to get his revenge on the Battersby sisters....

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Corrie...

Kevin Webster is growing increasingly concerned about Abi Franklin as she's still not answering her phone or returning his messages.

In an effort to track her down, Kevin pays a visit to Abi's old local pub and runs into Seb's dad Tez, who insists he hasn't seen or heard from her.

Jenny Connor Corrie
Jenny has a hot new suitor ©ITV


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But Kevin isn't convinced and the next day confronts Tez. What will he find out?

Elsewhere, Zeedan Nazir has a grand idea to entice more customers through the door at Speed Dahl but his big plans go awry when Debbie Webster gets involved.

Summer Spellman resorts to unsavoury tactics on her Oxbridge application but soon sees the error of her ways when Aadi Alahan confronts her.

Nina Lucas sees red when she spots Corey Brent laughing in Seb's memorial garden, Daisy Midgeley still isn't over Daniel Osborne's rejection and James Bailey lands a swish new job.

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