Hollyoaks spoilers: Luke Morgan cheats on Cindy Cunningham

It looks like their marriage is over before it's even begun

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In Hollyoaks, Luke Morgan has been struggling with his illness and next week he ends up cheating on his fiancée Cindy Cunningham.

It all begins when Ollie Morgan's girlfriend Evie arrives in the village but she's not impressed when she spots her boyfriend laughing with his ex - Brooke Hathaway.

Cindy is shocked that Ollie's girlfriend is in town but her mind is elsewhere because Luke has gambled all of his inheritance money.

Later on, when Luke bumps into Evie at The Dog they getting chatting and as one thing leads to another, he ends up leaning in a for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Brody Hudson's funeral approaches but there's even more distance between Damon Kinsella and Sienna Blake.

The Deveraux family doubt Toby Faroe's involvement in DeMarcus' injury, Yazz Maalik and Misbah Maalik are at odds and Nancy Osborne makes a U-turn on a family issue.

Plus Grace Black helps Nate achieve his dream and Nana McQueen is set up on a date.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 4th – Friday October 2021


Hollyoaks spoilers: Luke Morgan cheats on Cindy Cunningham

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Despite Evie arriving in the village, Cindy's mind is preoccupied with Luke gambling his inheritance money. Following Cindy's reaction, Luke heads down to the pub and tries to kiss Evie. Amid all the drama Ollie decides to go back to London - but will he really leave his dad?

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Damon continues to throw little digs at Sienna and it's not long before she begins to blame herself for Brody's death. Later on during DeMarcus' detention, an accident occurs after he taunts her...

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Toby isn't keen on his brother DeMarcus' staying in the village and later on in the week after the new arrival is injured, it doesn't take long for the Deveraux family to blame Toby.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

After Yazz confronts her mum for meddling in Shaq Qureshi's life, Misbah hits back at her daughter and warns her to stay out of her business.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

When the dangers of Charlie Osborne and Ella Nightingale having unprotected sex dawn on Nancy, she decides to leave them to it.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Grace helps Nate as he dreams of expanding his stall at anyone's expense... And there's a feud brewing between Nate and Zara.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

When Nana reveals she's feeling lonely, one of her family members decides to step in and set her up on a date with Jack Osborne.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

Hollyoaks viewers have been well aware that Timmy Simons has been keeping a close eye on Peri Lomax and stalking her for the past few months and this week Juliet Nightingale exposes him... but it doesn't end well.

When it dawns on Juliet that her girlfriend has a stalker she keeps her eyes on potential suspects it doesn't take her long to accuse Timmy - but will Peri believe her?

Later when she confronts Timmy he ends up pushing her down the stairs...

Meanwhile Olivia accidentally tells Goldie McQueen about Prince McQueen's secret, Shaq Qureshi is determined to find out the identity of his dad and Mandy Richardson heads out on a date.

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