Emmerdale spoilers: Charles Anderson meets his harasser

Things are about to change for the Anderson family

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Charles Anderson has been feeling agitated as he's bombarded by texts and calls from a mystery harasser.

But when he agrees to meet with them at a secluded spot in the woods, it's clear things are about to change for him and Ethan forever.

Elsewhere, Meena Jutla gets her claws even deeper in David Metcalfe when she appoints herself as his nurse after he injures himself. With control over David's medication, what will she do?

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Chas Dingle is still not convinced by Al Chapman's offer on the pub, despite Paddy Kirk trying his hardest to get her to accept.

When Chas agrees to a third - rather than the original half - investment, is Paddy's secret in danger of being exposed?

Bob Hope and Marlon Dingle's friendship is well and truly over when Marlon lays into Bob in the street and Tracy Metcalfe is relieved after her first group counselling session.

Faith Dingle self medicates with alcohol and Rodney Blackstock hasn't given up on Diane Sugden.

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Emmerdale spoilers Monday 4 - Friday 8 October

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The week begins with an overexerted David falling and injuring himself, with the doctor prescribing him extra strength painkillers. Meena appoints herself as his sole carer and when Victoria pays a visit to check in on him, Meena forbids her from calling again.

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At the Woolpack, Paddy tries to convince Chas and Marlon to accept Al's offer on the pub but Chas is hard won, telling Al that he can buy a third of the shares instead of the half that he originally proposed. Will he accept?

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With David doped up on painkillers, Meena tries her best to trigger his anxiety by asking probing questions about the Hide siege. Later she convinces him to let her take control of his medication and secretly swaps out his prescription pills with paracetamol...

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Harriet is growing increasingly suspicious when she sees Charles visibly shaken by a text message he receives. The next day, she watches him frantically reject a string of calls but Charles is in no hurry to confide in her.

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Later we see Charles make a furious phone call to his harasser and demands they stop hounding him, but soon Charles is heading to a meeting in the woods with the mystery person.

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Elsewhere, tension reaches boiling point between Marlon and Bob when Marlon orders Bob to stay away from him and April. Witnessing the exchange, April is upset and Marlon feels conflicted.

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Still intent on winning back Diane, Rodney lends a comforting ear when Diane overhears a nasty comment about her. After a few drinks, Diane agrees when Rodney suggest moving into the B&B with her but the next morning she's filled with regret.

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Tracy attends her first postnatal depression group counselling session and is flooded with relief after talking with the other women, finally feeling she's no longer alone.

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At the Woolpack, Faith hits the bottle in a bid to numb the pain of her arthritis.

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But first, here's everything coming up in Emmerdale this week...

Leyla Harding can't help but noticing that Liam Cavanagh hasn't been himself since starting at Hotton General Hospital.

But she's stunned when she discovers that Liam's not actually been going to work every day like he's been saying - and in fact, hasn't been working at the hospital at all.

How will she react?

Harriet Emmerdale
Harriet is concerned about Charles ©ITV


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Paddy Kirk is feeling worried that Kim Tate will out him after he doped a racehorse for her last week.

But with money in short supply and Kim holding all the cards, will he go back to his life of crime?

Newcomer Chloe opens up to Noah Dingle and Sarah Sugden about her traumatic home life but is thrown to learn about Noah's feelings for her.

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