Coronation Street: Kevin Webster’s scary run-in with Abi Franklin’s dodgy past

Abi's still AWOL and Kevin thinks her no-good ex has something to hide

Kevin Webster Corrie

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Kevin Webster is growing increasingly concerned about Abi Franklin as she's still not answering her phone or returning his messages.

In an effort to track her down, Kevin pays a visit to Abi's old local pub and runs into Seb's dad Tez, who insists he hasn't seen or heard from her.

But Kevin isn't convinced and the next day confronts Tez. What will he find out?

Nina Lucas Corrie
Nina Lucas sees red

Elsewhere, Zeedan Nazir has a grand idea to entice more customers through the door at Speed Dahl but his big plans go awry when Debbie Webster gets involved.

Summer Spellman resorts to unsavoury tactics on her Oxbridge application but soon sees the error of her ways when Aadi Alahan confronts her.

Nina Lucas sees red when she spots Corey Brent laughing in Seb's memorial garden, Daisy Midgeley still isn't over Daniel Osborne's rejection and James Bailey lands a swish new job.

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Coronation Street spoilers Monday 4 - Friday 8 October

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The week begins with Summer telling Daniel that she's going to use her mentor's personal statement for her Oxbridge application, rather than his. Later Adi finds out that Summer has plagiarised the statement word for word and tackles an embarrassed Summer about it.

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After coming clean to Daniel, Summer wants to get back in his good books and offers to help mentor Max when Daniel expresses concern. Later at number 8, David is impressed when Summer uses a football analogy to engage Max.

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Zeedan has a bold plan to get customers through the door at Speed Dahl. As Zeedan details his idea for a promotional tasting night to Yasmeen and Alya, Debbie listens on intently.

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PC Brody pays a visit to James and apologises for racially profiling him, and James urges him to do better. After James points out there's no black people at management level, he's thrilled when the club agree to let him do his coaching badges while continuing as a player.

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With Nina's plan to name and shame Corey as a murderer falling flat, she tries to convince Daniel to run a story on him. Later when she drives past Seb's memorial garden and spots Corey laughing, she sees red.

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Jenny's not convinced that Daniel would make a good match for Daisy and when a labourer called Leo starts frequenting the pub, Jenny pushes for Daisy to get her flirt on.

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Kevin is growing increasingly concerned for Abi's welfare and leaves another message imploring her to let him know she's ok. Later Kevin pays a visit to Abi's old local and runs in Tez, her ex, who assures him he's not seen or heard from him - but Kevin isn't convinced he's being honest and later confronts him.

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The evening of the promotional tasting event arrives and thanks to Alya's flyering, they're inundated with bookings. But disaster strikes when Navid, the chef calls in sick and when none of their bookings arrive, Zeedan takes a guess at what's happened.

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Later Zeedan is alarmed to spot his father in law, Hashim, chatting to Yasmeen. What is he after?

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But first, here's everything coming up this week on Corrie...

After receiving an unfair guilty verdict last week, Kelly Neelan faces her sentencing in court as Imran Habeeb makes a last ditch attempt to win over the judges.

But that's not the only thing on Imran's mind as his antics from the night of Kelly's trial threaten to be exposed and Toyah Battersby wants to know if he's been having an affair.

Meanwhile, murderer Corey Brent – who was delivered a not guilty verdict after Imran's ex Sabeen Habeeb got him off scott free – receives a promotion on the football team.

Zeedan Corrie
Zeedan rents a food truck ©ITV


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Will the residents ever get justice?

Elsewhere, Audrey Platt is feeling deflated when her family don't have her back and she accuses them of ageism over their snide comments and old lady birthday presents.

David Platt reports Daniel Osborne to the school for mandhandling Max but Daniel refuses to withdraw his accusation that Max Turner stole his wallet.

Nina Lucas heads back to college, Debbie Webster has big plans for Halloween and James Bailey learns about Grace Vickers' manipulation.

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