HORROR NEWS! Gary dead in Corrie?

Coronation Street

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Sarah is in bits when she gets devastating news about her other half….

Oh dear…Sarah’s life has been far too normal recently so it was only a matter of time before she was dealt some Weatherfield heart-ache.

Next week, the poor barmaid is in for an horrific shock when she gets a call from Gary’s mate Joe who tells her there’s been a deadly explosion in the Ukraine where Gary has been on another secret mission.

Coronation Street
Sarah can't believe her boyfriend is dead ©ITV

Sarah is beside herself when it seems her man has been caught up in the blast and at first is in denial.

“She thinks there has been a mistake or that it is someone else, she feels that she would somehow know so convinces herself it isn’t true”, says Tina O Brien who plays her.

Coronation Street
David finds out what's happened to Gary in Ukraine ©ITV

However when her little bro David gets on the case to find out more, it’s not looking good when he discovers a body was found at the scene along with a St Christopher necklace, which Sarah recently gave Gazza as a present. Gulp…..

Coronation Street
Is Gary dead? ©ITV

It’s then that Sarah truly cracks. “That’s when she breaks down”, says Tina. “She thinks it’s the end of the world.”

But it’s not just Sarah who’s plunged into turmoil. Gary’s mum Anna, who’s currently languishing behind bar, (thanks to evil rotter Phelan), is bordering on hysterical when Tim and Sarah visit her to break the news that her son is feared dead.

Coronation Street
Prisoner Anna is given the news about her son ©ITV

The poor mum goes berserk and has to be restrained by two prison guards.

Coronation Street
A shell-shocked Anna has to be restrained ©ITV

However, back on the cobbles, David can’t help noticing that Anna's bitter foe Phelan also seems to be rather upset by the Gary news. Odd? He’s always hated the Windasses!

Detective Dave decides to follow Phelan who drives to Nicola’s house and as Gail's son watches from his car, he sees Nicola crumble on the doorstep after some words from her father.

Coronation Street
Nicola can't believe it when Phelan reveals what's happened to Gary ©ITV

David’s suspicions rocket and when Phelan’s left, he hammers on Nicolas door demanding answers.

Sure enough he soon discovers the truth when an emotional Nicola buckles and admits that she had a one night stand with Gary and is now pregnant with his baby!

Coronation Street
David is disgusted to learn the truth about Nicola and Gary ©ITV

With everyone now certain that Gary is dead, what is Dave going to do next?

Will he floor his sister Sarah with the news that her boyfriend has also cheated on her and fathered a child…or will he stay quiet?

Good grief…poor Sarah, either way this is going to destroy her!

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