EXCLUSIVE: Love Island 2024 star exposes ‘filthy’ room in the villa and EW

Recently dumped Islanders Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal reveal all

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by Emily Vierke |
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When it comes to taking part in Love Island, we always find ourselves a little bit jealous of the hot twenty-something contestants spending their summer at a fancy villa with cute clothes, cute housemates and free food.

But then the Islanders start to be dumped from the villa and come into Closer HQ, where they tell us all about the not so cute side of Love Island life.

Take Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field for example, they dropped by Closer for a little catch up post their time on Love Island 2024 and we're suddenly glad we have our own space, thank you very much.

Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal
Patsy and Munveer were recently dumped from the villa ©ITV Pictures

When asked them about the horrors of sharing a villa with strangers, Munveer didn't hesitate in revealing the worst room in the house.

"The bathroom," Munveer said and we can only imagine.

"It was just... filthy," he added.

From the look on his face and the fact he is talking about the bathroom he shared with a dozen other people, we're going to assume he means 'filthy' in a bad way and not in the kinky way (just in case there was any confusion).

the love island bathroom
before the islanders hit ©itv

"Wasn't great," Patsy agreed. "Us girls were trying to quickly go and run out as fast as we could before any boy could come in."

It's giving us festival vibes and we're NOT here for it. Maybe even uni halls and part of us thinks that may be even worse.

"I went into the toilet a couple of times after a boy I wasn't trying to flirt with - not you," Patsy recalled as she looked to Munveer, "and he had just done a poo and it was really hard to flirt with him after..."

This may well be our favourite thing anyone has ever confessed to us, but Munveer was not on the same page as us with that revelation.

"Now they are going to think it's me," he interrupted.

patsy got the ice and we don't blame her ©itv

"It's not you," Patsy confirmed before continuing, "but it kind of gave me the ick. It's not his fault I have now smelt his sh*t, it's not, but I can't continue this now."

Well, that ended on a bum note.

Sorry not sorry.

WATCH: Munveer and Patsy have revealed what the Love Island toilets are really like 👀

Emily Vierke is a digital writer for heat and Closer Online who enjoys stalking the Love Island girlies for fashion inspo especially Indiyah Polack and Ella Thomas. Emily has a soft spot for TOWIE OGs Amy and Harry, mainly because she was also not aware that the capital of India was New Delhi she DID, however, know that know it wasn't France.

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