Love Island bombshell Rosie Seabrook has HISTORY with Lana Jenkins

Love Island 2023 bombshell Rosie Seabrook's link to Lana Jenkins revealed

Rosie Seabrook

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The Love Island 2023 villa has barely recovered from the chaos of Casa Amor and they are just about to be hit with even more bombshells. Quite literally.

One of the newest addition to the villa is Rosie Seabrook who is seemingly pals with none other than Lana Jenkins' hot AF ex Owen Warner.

We imagine the ITV producers have a massive white board covered with colour-coded spider diagrams, neon post-it notes and headshots of all the potential Love Island contestants that know someone from reality TV or perhaps, if they are feeling fancy, a soap star.

Rosie Seabrook is the latest bombshell to enter the villa

Clearly this year the Love Island creators were feeling fancy as not only did they pick a newbie with ties to somebody already in the villa, AND an actor, but Rosie has Love Island 2021 contestant Brad McClelland and TOWIE cast member Roman Hackett all up in her likes.

We wonder if she'll be this popular in the villa? We imagine the answer to be yes as not many people would look like a star of Baywatch if they donned a red bikini, but Rosie gives Pamela Anderson a run for her money in this scarlet two piece.

Check out what we know so far about the latest Islander...

Who is Rosie Seabrook?

She entered the villa alongside Keanan Brand as a bombshell in the winter series of Love Island 2023.

How old is Rosie Seabrook?

She is 24 years old.

Where is Rosie Seabrook from?

Rosie is from Buckinghamshire.

What does Rosie Seabrook do?

She works as an industry placement advisor. You're going to have to Google that one if you want a decent explanation.

Who does Rosie Seabrook want to couple up with?

Rosie is most certainly going into the villa with an open minded, but her first thought went to Casey O'Gorman.

She said, "Casey, he’s got the personality and looks that I always go for. I’m unsure if he’s got the height but I can let that slide because he’s got everything else. I also like Tom, he’s very good looking and tall. I feel like there is more to him, so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Kai is also very attractive, so I want to get to know him."

Of course every female goes in with at least one eye on Tom Clare, as for Kai Fagan we can't see his head being turned away from Sanam Harrinanan anytime soon but we have been wrong before.

What type of Islander will Rosie Seabrook be?

Although she refers to herself as a "girl's girl," Rosie admitted, "I also love male attention. I’d like to think I’m quite relatable so I really hope people see that side of me."

Does Rosie Seabrook have Instagram?

Yup pretty easy to follow as it's just her name @rosieseabrook.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX tomorrow night at 9pm.

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