EXCLUSIVE: Love Island: Patsy Field reveals why the boys didn’t like her – and it’s a silly reason

'They silenced me'


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In the early days of the show, Love Island was known for its shocking bust ups. Kady McDermott (the first time around back in Love Island 2016) had her infamous fight with Malia Arkian that led to Malia being kicked out of the villa after just a few hours. And who can forget when Malin Andersson was flown back in to confront Terry Walsh and it resulted in a screaming match? Good times.

Nowadays, Love Island is considerably tamer, largely in part to the strict drinking limit and the contestant’s knowledge that they could have an influencing career waiting for them if they play their cards right. Would Amy Hart be a beloved momfluencer now if she had thrown drinks and called her fellow Islanders every swear word in the book? Maybe, maybe not.

Closer sat down with Patsy Field, one of the most recent Islanders to be dumped from the villa, to discuss her time on the show and she let slip while there haven’t been any major fights in Love Island 2024 yet, she had her own disagreements with the boys that weren’t shown.

Patsy Field
Patsy was dumped from the Island after just ten days ©ITV

According to Patsy, the boys didn’t take a liking to her for one particular reason, and we think it’s a pretty ridiculous one.

“I had rows with the boys. None of the boys really liked me, only because I was very opinionated on what they were doing with the girls and they didn’t like that.

“So, then they silenced me, and when it came to voting out I thought ‘Well, that’ll do it.”

Love Island boys
Patsy called out the boys on their behaviour ©ITV

Now, in the real world, maybe this wouldn’t be such a silly reason for animosity between people, but on Love Island their only job is to sit around and talk about each other’s relationships. With no books, music or movies, what else is there to do but gossip?

If Patsy had been quiet, sure, she may still be in that villa, but is that the show we want? Wouldn’t we rather the girls stick up for each other and call the boys out when they’re mistreating their partners, whether it means they’ll be dumped or not? That’s definitely the show we’d rather watch.

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Sarah O'Byrne has been writing about Love Island for Closer since May 2023, but this is mainly to kill time until her application for the show gets accepted.

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