EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Tom Clare reveals who was told off for ‘unacceptable behaviour’

They were told off multiple times for potentially problematic words and actions

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Okay, we'll admit it. We had doubts about Love Island: All Stars.

We thought that as all the cast had done the show before, they'd be super conscious about how they came across, keen to protect their own personal 'brand', and we wouldn't see any fights, tears or tantrums. As for romance? Haha! Showmance at best.

We. Were. Wrong. So very wrong.

Anton Danyluk took on 'Messy' Mitch Taylor over 'bro code', Molly Smith (bless 'er) cried a whole lot, and Georgia Steel...well... 'Georgia Steeled' hard. We LOVED it.

But, it turns out there was a lot of bad behaviour we didn't get to see. Some of which actually contravened Love Island rules.

The show's rules are sort of shrouded in mystery; will we ever get to the bottom of why Sheriff Lanre was thrown out? And those rules that we do know, we've had to tease out of Islanders once they're emerged from the villa.

Tom Clare is one of those Islanders. He was reprimanded in the villa for a word he used, although he would not repeat the word (what COULD It have been? BBC maybe?) and also revealed which person was told off the most.

Tom Clare dressed as a devil
Tom Clare: handsome devil ©ITV

Who do you reckon it was?

No, not Mitch. It was northern heartthrob and former squeeze of Charlotte Crosby, Josh Ritchie.

"There's a thing called a PUB, Potential Unacceptable Behaviour, " he told us when he and girlfriend Molly came in for a chat, "if there's anything you'd said or done, they [show producers] would pull you up on it."

"Josh must have got thousands."

Josh Ritchie
Josh Ritchie: potentially unacceptable ©ITV

Love. This.

Remember, those series one Islanders went on the show before the time of social media (imagine!) so we like to think that added to Josh's DGAF attitude.

Who from series one should be got in for the next All Stars, do you reckon? We're keeping everything crossed for the man who got engaged to Hannah Elizabeth on the show, Jon Clark.

WATCH: Tom Clare and Molly Smith reveal who was told off 'thousands' of times for their behaviour on Love Island

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