EXCLUSIVE: Molly Smith and Tom Clare reveal Love Island scenes they had to go back and do again

Turns out the Islanders are actually working inside the villa

Molly Smith and Tom Clare

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We've always thought that going on Love Island would be a dream.

Free holiday? Absolutely.

Pretty much guaranteed a better paying job? Get us on the plane.

Potentially finding the love of your life? Sign us up.

But after a quick chat with a bunch of the All Stars Islanders we've discovered that they're actually working while on the show.

love island tom clare and molly smith
tom and molly have spilled the tea ©ITV

They've got their mics on 24/7, they're given morning debriefs and, according to Tom Clare and Molly Smith, they're re-filming scenes too.

When we spoke to the real life Barbie and Ken this week, we had to ask for the behind the scenes tea and they didn't disappoint.

"We had to re-film a lot of things," Tom admitted.

"Like recouplings and stuff. Mitch I'm telling you now, Mitch's recoupling speech was the funniest thing."

love island mitch taylor smirking
mitch had to refilm a few times ©ITV

He continued, "I don't know how much got aired, because I didn't see it but I remember him, he had to do it so many times. He stood up.

"He goes something like, 'Time flies in this place when I'm with this girl even though I can't tell the time. When I look at this girl, it's like looking in the mirror.'"

And if you're wondering if it was as bizarre as it sounds, it probably was because Molly said, "It made no sense."

"Josh is sat next to him and Josh goes, 'Come on mate, speak about her personality and looks.'

"[Mitch] looks and he goes, 'Shut the f--k up Josh.'"

And it turns out that the recouplings weren't the only time they had to refilm scenes because Molly dropped a bombshell.

love island tom clare and molly smith
tom and molly are all loved up ©ITV

"As well [as that], you do like half a day on the Saturday and then you have to put all the same bikinis and stuff on Sunday and then carry it on."

And if you're wondering what they do on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, they have their 'down days' and Chris Taylor said that the All Stars day offs were 'banging'.

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