Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Chimonides and Chris Taylor spill the tea on their All Stars ‘down day’

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It's a Love Island myth at this point - do the Islanders get a day off in the villa? What do they get up to on Saturdays? How much do they get paid while they're in the villa?

The last question we already know - not so much for the normal series and quite a bit for the All Stars series.

Anyway, when we caught up with Love Island 2019 turned All Stars contestants Joanna Chimonides and Chris Taylor they spilled the tea on their down day - aka the day they get a break from filming.

love island chris and joanna
joanna and chris have been spilling the tea ©ITV

"We had some banging down days at the beginning, sorry before you were there [Joanna].

"Where we'd get takeaways, we would semi be allowed to talk - we still had our microphones on we couldn't talk about storyline stuff - and we'd play the cereal box game.

"We had some good fun," Chris explained.

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chris living his best life ©ITV

However it wasn't all fun and games as Chris said, "Some days we'd get haircuts, the girls would get their nails done and there wasn't really anytime to do anything.

"They'd put us to bed as soon as the sun went down. We'd just lay awake like, 'Okay, so we've been going to bed around 4 or 5am on most days but now I'm in bed at 10pm.'"

Well, it seems that things have certainly changed because in 2019 when we spoke to Joanna and Amy Hart, they insisted that there was no time off from filming.

love island's amy hart and joanna chimonides
according to amy and joanna they didn't have a day off ©Bauer Media

Speaking to us, Amy said, "Saturdays isn't a day off. We don't have days off we have our microphones the whole time.

"Every day I was in there I was mic'd and filmed."

Joanna went on to joke, "We don't even get Sundays off. Weekends don't exist on Love Island."

love island joanna chimonides
joanna was also on series five ©ITV

Amy even went on to say that the producers are constantly listening to their conversations.

"One day I complained about something and the next thing I got called to the lounge and there was a medic there.

"I wasn't even that ill. I said, 'Sorry I didn't mean to call someone'.

"You have to be careful what you say."

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It's safe to say that things have certainly changed because Love Island 2017 star Marcel Somerville admitted that during series three they'd get a day off and go to the beach.

"During my time on the show there were a few times when we actually had a day off filming.

"So there was one time where there was a tropical storm outside and you couldn't film outside - and obviously Love Island is based on us outside in our trunks and swimsuits looking sexy - so we was inside chilling and playing games.

"[But] as the season goes on you're filming non stop and as you get later on into the season they do give you a day when you can go to the beach. Just so you're not confined to being in that place because you're pretty much confined unless you do a challenge or go on a date but you do get a beach day later on."

He added, "They take you to a restaurant where there's food outside the villa - I think it's necessary if you've been there as long as I had been seven weeks.

"By the fifth week my mind was going 'I need to get out of this place.'"

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