EXCLUSIVE: what Molly Smith and Tom Clare were BANNED from taking into the Love Island villa

The couple won the very first Love Island: All Stars last week

Molly Smith and Tom Clare from Love Island

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For years now we've been asking Love Island stars whether they were banned from taking any items into the villa, mainly because that list is now so extensive we're surprised Islanders need anything larger than a carry-on for that flight from the UK to the villa.

Some banned items sort of make sense (like phones, tablets and books) but OTHERS just baffle us. Take some of the items banned on Love Island: All Stars; Liberty Poole told us that she was banned from taking more that two leg razors into the villa, while Hannah Elizabeth was forbidden from bringing a picture of her son in.

That one's just mean.

liberty and Hannah
Liberty and Hannah ©ITV

Anyway, naturally, when the All Stars king and queen, Tom Clare and Molly Smith, paid us a visit we simply had to ask if they were banned from taking anything to South Africa by Love Island producers. Surely you can't tell royalty what they can and can't pack?

love island tom clare and molly smith
Molly and Tom ©ITV

Molly revealed, "I wanted to take into the villa little polaroids of my dog, just so i could have a picture of her, and I tried to, I tried to sneak it in, but no, they took them off me."

That's 'ruff' (wait, that's not as bad as Tom's joke coming up - keep reading). No wonder Molly's face erupted into floods of tears when Nelly appeared on that video call.

Bizarre though, will a picture of your dog really inhibit an Islander from finding love or making good telly?

When asked the same question, Tom replied, "Yeah, a lot of clothes got taken away...nothing branded."

Tom then turned to Molly and added, "I had a big poster of you on my wall and they wouldn't let me take it in."

tom clare
tom clare ©ITV

No, we didn't laugh either – Molly sort of did, but there was an element of pity. We were there – we saw it.

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