Love Island: the most successful star signs REVEALED

From Ekin-Su to Tommy Fury

Love Island star signs

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If you are a Love Island fan, chances are you are also a star sign believer and if not, why not?

If you trust people can find The One on a dating show, SURELY you have faith in the cosmos and the stars as well?

Zero shade from us at Closer HQ by the way, in fact, we may be known to cancel dates upon finding out our signs aren't compatible. A Virgo man and a Leo woman is NEVER going to work.

love island lads
love islands lads ©itv

But back to Love Island contestants; as it turns out there are certain astrological signs that thrive on the romance reality TV show, whereas other signs simply don't have the stars behind them.

As we jump head first into the latest season of the dating show check out which of the zodiac sign reign supreme.


It turns out laid back and grounded Tauruses like Sanam Harrinanan, Tommy Fury and Kem Cetinay do well in the villa, as well as out of it.

sanam is a taurus queen ©itv

Tauruses are known for being patient and dependable, which makes sense when it comes to grafting for a partner, as well as stubborn and a li'l lazy - don't blame us, it's the stars - therefore a chill out villa holiday is right up their street.

Remaining grounded and honest has proven to work for the bull of the zodiac with Gemma Owen, Luca Bish and Molly Smith also being part of the Earth sign family.

gemma and luca
two tauruses ©itv


The second most successful astrology sign is Cancer and guess who has a bit of crab in them? Winter Love Island winner and Sanam's bae, Kai Fagan.

The teacher is in fab company as the nations' sweetheart Camilla Thurlow is also a Cancer as is long-term couple and season two winners, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey.

kai and sanam
we get why they won ©itv

As summer water signs, Cancers are known for being caring and loyal which obviously makes them a great boyfriend or girlfriend. On the not so fabulous side they can be a tad manipulative.

WAIT, have we been manipulated into voting for them?


The top three is completed by Leo which is understandable as the fiery lion is known for their confidence, charm and wicked sense of humour.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Ekin-Su is a Leo, as is Amber Gill and Liam Reardon; all three of whom won their seasons.

ekin su
ekin su is major Leo energy ©itv

Although they are generous and protective Leo's are often extremely proud (Lions, duh) and can be both quick-tempered and bossy.

In other words, they make for hella good telly.

Pisces, Libra and Gemini

At the other end of the scale, we have Pisces, Libra and Gemini.

As the fish of the zodiac, Pisces are sensitive souls and can often be caught up in their dream world. Although to be fair, Andrew LePage falls into that category and he did well on season 8, but then again he WAS matched with Tasha Ghouri and she's a Leo so....

tasha and andrew
tasha and andrew ©itv

As for Libras and Geminis, the air signs are known for being sociable and witty but Geminis are easily bored and constantly change their minds (see 'Messy' Mitch Taylor) whereas Libras struggle to make decisions.

With that in mind it looks as though this year could see the likes of Jess White (Taurus) and Ronnie Vint (Cancer) do well with Harriet Blackmore (Taurus) and Ayo Odukoya (Leo) also finding success.

Ronnie and jes
could they take the crown? ©itv

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