EXCLUSIVE: Shannon Singh teases secret relationship in the Love Island villa

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Dumped Islander Shannon Singh is back on British soil and she’s recently spoke exclusively to Closer online about the unaired scenes we didn’t see during her brief stint in the villa.

According to Shannon, she and some of the boys in the villa were “chatting for days” about “music, gaming and cars” but the scenes weren’t shown on TV.

Shannon Singh dumped
Shannon was brutally dumped by text after just 40 hours ©ITV

Opening up about the missing scenes she explained, “I was a tiny bit gutted I had so many good conversations with the guys. Me and Hugo came back from the Horny Devil challenge and we were just Brad, Aaron and Hugo just sitting around the kitchen, we were just chatting for days.

“And none of it got aired. Jake as well – Jake was my wee best pal. I had some really good conversations that just didn’t get aired.”

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Love Island 2021's first Instagram posts slider

love-island-contestants-first-instagrams1 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram

Chloe Burrows

Chloe may have caught all the boys' attentions as evidenced in a recent explosive episode, but you can see she's always been a stunner from this uni halls pic taken way back in 2015.

love-island-contestants-first-instagrams2 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram

Faye Winter

Faye has certainly nailed this classic Instapose in this snap from 2019 - the hair, tan and Adidas bodysuit are all on point and a sign of things to come.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Brad McClellan

A quick glance over Brad's insta and it's clear he uses it primarily to document his fitness journey. This snap from 2017 is from before it all began.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Kaz Kamwi

Kaz was already a fashion blogger before she entered the Love Island villa, and so her first photo is appropriately professional looking (boo).

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CREDIT: Instagram

Jake Cornish

Finally, a properly old photo! You can tell that Jake was already going to the gym when this photo was taken with a mate back in 2013.

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PS. Enjoy this bonus pic of baby Jake with none other than footballer Wayne Rooney.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Hugo Hammond

When he was a teenager, Hugo played Cricket for England's Physical Disability team.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Hugo Hammond

PS. Baby Hugo for your viewing pleasure x

love-island-contestants-first-instagrams9 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram

Aaron Francis

Like Kaz, Aaron was already trying his hand as an influencer before he signed up to Love Island and so most of his photos are pretty glossy, but scroll down far enough and we found this photo of him seemingly winning an arm wrestle against Somoan Rugby Union player Many Tuilangi.

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Toby Aromolaran

Toby's not giving anything away with this sultry selfie from 2018, other than perhaps that he's heading off on his holidays, judging by his passport and boarding pass. He doesn't look that excited about it though, does he?

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Sharon Gaffka

In case you missed it, Sharon used to compete in beauty pageants and was Miss UK 2018. Here she is from the Galaxy pageant that same year.

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Liberty Poole

It looks like Liberty has always been a big fan of the finer things in life - as well as a blonde hair extension or two - judging from this snap with a pal from 2019.

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Liam Reardon

Viewers couldn't believe that Liam was only 21 when he entered the villa, but here's proof that Liam looked 30 way back in 2018 (regular teenaged boy for reference).

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Rachel Finni

This photo of Rach taken on a night out was posted in 2017 but captioned, "2 Years Ago ud83dude2b#CanILookLikeThisAgainPlease", so we can assume it's from way back in 2015.

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Millie Court

Proving she's always been a fan of posing up a storm in a bikini, we're majorly jeal of Millie's 2018 holiday to Cannes. Ahh, holidays - remember those?

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CREDIT: Instagram

Lucinda Strafford

Right, we can't actually believe this 2018 photo of bombshell Lucinda - have Love Island checked her I.D.? Is she old enough to be on the show?

WATCH: Shannon Singh spills the tea on her 'deleted scenes' in the villa | Love Island Secrets

Thrilling as all that sounds, it could be down to Love Island’s strict copyright rules that the scenes weren’t shown, with 2019’s Amy Hart previously telling us that Islanders weren’t even allowed to SING in the villa.

Shannon's confession comes shortly after reports claimed that her shock dumping was due to the fact that she “wouldn’t play ball”.

“During her short time in the villa, Shannon didn't get to know anyone, or partake in the games properly, even refusing to kiss any Islanders,” a source told MailOnline at the time.

Shannon Singh Horny devil
Shannon and the girls during the Horny Devil tast ©ITV

“She had always promised to be a fun and exciting contestant, but she wouldn't engage in the way producers had hoped – and they have no plans for her to make a dramatic return."

Luckily Shannon has now set the record straight and insisted she did actually get on swimmingly with the other contestants.


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And itt's not the first we've seen of scenes not getting aired after fans were left confused when a preview showing bombshell Rachel Finni crying in the Beach Hut didn't make it to screen.

"Wait what happened to the scene where Rachel was crying in the preview? Did i miss something or?? #LoveIsland," wrote on fan, while another said, "Is it just me confused as to why they showed Rachel crying last night but didn’t show what actually happened to her last night? Hmm @LoveIsland please explain🤨 #LoveIsland".

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