Love Island’s Kain Reed: who is his Geordie Shore ‘brother’?

Kain appeared on winter Love Island 2023 as a Casa Amor bombshell

Kain Reed winter Love Island 2023 with Kyle Christie

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You could be forgiven for forgetting the names of of Love Island's Casa Amor bombshells, as the vast majority don't have the easiest of rides on the show. Bless them.

While the odd one or two manage to slither their way in to the villa on the arm of an OG and end up winning the show (Sanam Harrinanan doesn't get enough credit for this), the vast majority make a minor impression on Islanders and viewers in Casa Amor and end up being sent home after five days – which let's be honest, isn't even enough time to significantly boost those Instagram numbers.

While the rest of the fandom might have forgotten about them, here at Closer, we certainly haven't and one of those Casa Amor casualties we want to remind you about is Kain Reed.

Kain Reed Love Island series 9
Kain Reed ©©ITV Plc

Kain was a Casa Amor bombshell during winter Love Island 2023 (not easy), but never made it to the main villa.

One very Closer titbit we've recently learned about Kain is that he has a very, VERY famous bestie from another reality show – and (this is cute af) they're so close that they call each other 'brothers', which honestly gives us feels.

So who is the mystery celeb bezzie? Well, it's none other Kyle Christie from Geordie Shore; the reality star frequently appears on Kain's grid and stories and we're so here for this showbiz crossover.

No clue how these two know each other, but we're guessing it has something to do with them being two attractive men from Newcastle.

Kyle Christie Holly Hagan
Kyle Christie famously dated his Geordie Shore co-star Holly Hagan ©Getty Images

But there's plenty more to Kain than his showbiz acquaintances. As Love Island didn't give you a chance, get to know the bombshell below...

Who is Kain Reed?

Kain was one of six bombshell boys – Bayley, Frankie, Martin, Maxwell and Ryan – entering winter Love Island 2023's second villa, Casa Amor.

How old is Kain Reed?

Kain is 21 years old. He was born on 16 January 2002, which is the same year that Maid in Manhattan was released in cinemas, btw.

Where is Kain Reed from?

Kain is from Gateshead in Newcastle.

What is Kain Reed’s job?

Kain is a reality star, footballer and energy consultant.

Did Kain Reed form any connections on Love Island?

Not really. Prior to entering the villa he revealed that Lana Jenkins was his type and considering he is the spit of her ex Ron Hall, we can certainly see what the producers were trying to do here.

What is Kain Reed’s Instagram?

Kain is on Instagram at @kain.reed.

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