EXCLUSIVE: Love Island winner Sanam Harrinanan exposes ‘awkward’ scenes with villa girls

The day after the Casa Amor recoupling wasn't easy for our Love Island winner

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Can you believe that Love Island series nine finished over a week ago? It's not easy is it? Digital group hug, anyone? No, we're asking 😭.

To be honest, we get to 9pm on most weekday evenings now and just end up aimlessly plodding around our living rooms like bored Sims, wondering, 'What now?' At least we'll always have the iconic memories; memories like Tom Clare and Ellie Spence's troublesome kiss on the terrace, Will Young's misadventures in Casa Amor, and the Casa recoupling, when Olivia Hawkins came for Kai Fagan in the most hypocritical fire pit rant in Love Island history (we love her for it, though).

Sanam and Olivia hash it out following the Casa recoupling
Sanam and Olivia hash it out following the Casa recoupling ©ITV

Of course, our winners were the adorable Kai and Sanam Harrinanan (who are like some sort of perfect Disney couple magically transported into our world Enchanted-style to steal all our hearts), the first couple to form in Casa Amor and go on to win the bloomin' thing.

Sanam was actually the only girl to move into the main villa following Casa Amor this series, so naturally, in a recent exclusive catch-up with our winners, we had to ask how things were in the girls' dressing room that night and whether the villa girls were welcoming. Us? Stirring? No, no.

Kai and Sanam sit round the fire pit during Casa recoupling smiling
Sanam and Kai ©ITV

The day after the Love Island reunion, we invited Kai and Sanam to our London studios to film an episode of our YouTube series, Love Island Secrets. When asked about whether the villa girls were welcoming after the Casa recoupling, Sanam put on a diplomatic face and answered, "Do you know what? The first, like, day and a half I would say it was awkward; I'd come from one friendship group and joined another friendship group."

She continued, "The girls were all so welcoming – I found my place. So it wasn't too bad actually."

Sanam laughs with the rest of the girls by the day beds
Sanam with the villa girls ©©ITV Plc

Okay, so not the piping hot tea we were hoping for, but as it's Sanam – who must be protected at all costs – this actually put a big smile on our faces. Well done, girls.

During the chinwag with the couple, they also revealed the change to what this year's winners take home (let's talk money, honey) and dished the dirt on secret Love Island phone hacking. Come again?

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