Love Island’s Kai Fagan reveals ‘blond baddie’ hair transformation and it’s 🔥

'Sanam’s taken me from Tall, Dark and Handsome to Blonde Baddie'


by Emily Vierke |
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It's not a secret how much we love a cheeky makeover here at the Closer office, be it a Love Island contestant cutting a millimetre off their hair or a TOWIE star going in for just a li'l bit of surgery, we love to hear all about it.

Even more so when a celeb shocks us with a new look and that's exactly what winter Love Island winner Kai Fagan has gone and done.

kai has a new look

The P.E teacher turned villa king took to social media to share his dramatic new hair and we're not being over the top this time, he does genuinely have a whole new vibe.

With the help of his fiancee and real life Disney Princess, Sanam Harrinanan, Kai posted a video on Instagram featuring the transformation with a fitting caption...

kai and sanm
kai and sanam ©itv

"Sanam’s taken me from Tall, Dark and ‘Handsome’ to Blonde ‘Baddie’ 😂," he wrote.

Half of Kai's followers were huge fans of his new look for summer with many complimenting him. One wrote, "Oh wow he does suit it as well, it looks really really good! OK BAD B😂😂😂🔥."

Love Island 2022 style icon, Dami Hope added, "Acc suits you! Y'all are too cute."

The other half couldn't get past him referring to Sanam as his girlfriend rather than his fiancée.

"Fiancée, not girlfriend ❤️," one follower wrote with another simply commenting, "Fiancé?"

The controversy even forced Kai to confirm him and Sanam were still very much engaged as he commented, "Yes, everyone please don’t worry she is my fiancé, wrong choice of words 😬🤣."

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