Love Island EXCLUSIVE: dumped Islander exposes biggest TROUBLEMAKER

After Hannah Elizabeth claimed it was Georgia Steel and Anton

Joe and josh

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When you chuck a bunch of former Love Island contestants into a villa with a second shot at finding 'The One' you just know there is going to be some major drama. After all, there's a reason the All Stars spin-off has been so well received.

This years collection of hottie Islanders have done it all before which means they know the drill but it also means that every so often there is a clash of egos.

all stars cast
all stars cast ©itv - love island

Don't look at us like that, we all remember Georgia Harrison ranting about Casey O'Gorman 'ghosting' her after she went though the hardship of flying economy. Somebody get the girl a flute of No-Secco.

As it turns out the All Stars clash over a multitude of things from the state of the bedroom to who gets to go for a vape first.

Casey and georgia
Casey and georgia ©itv - love island

We caught up with recently dumped Love Island 2019 sandwich man turned All Stars bombshell Joe Garratt to discuss his time in the villa and he dished all the juicy deets.

When we quizzed him on who went about causing the most havoc his answer may not have echoed Hannah Elizabeth's response when we asked her the same question - but it also didn't surprise us.

Joe on who is a troublemaker ©itv - love island

"Who is the biggest troublemaker to the producers?" he contemplated, "I think, funnily enough, I think Josh [Ritchie], he's one of the ones to be like 'nah hold on.'"

Of course it bloody is. Josh is like the chatty lad in class who asks a million questions and is constantly cracking jokes and we wouldn't have him any other way.

The northerner and his partner Sophie Piper, spent the majority of the most recent episode (Tuesday 13 February) winding up their fellow All Stars, in particular Georgia H and Anton Danyluk, with the help of Callum Jones who was fuelling Joshua's banter with the odd comment and grin.

josh and Sophie ftw
that'll be our faces if these two are kicked off ©itv - love island

"Also there was a way of getting outside to go for a vape and people would queue or kick off about not getting a vape so I think everyone would have a little bit of a go," Joe went on, "but I think maybe Josh would kick off a little bit more than others but yeah, just stand up for what you want to do."

You want to know who else will be kicking off? Us lot here at Closer HQ if Josh and Sophie don't make it to the final.

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