Love Island’s Harriett Blackmore lifts the lid on how she REALLY feels about Jess White

She also clashed with Ciaran Davies

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Just when we think we know what is going to happen on Love Island they throw a savage dumping at us or bring on the always chaotic Casa Amor. OR BOTH.

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the girls have head to Casa amor ©itv

Just last night it was announced that the Love Island 2024 girlies would be heading off to the 'other' villa to spend a few days with a new bunch of fellas who have already named themselves 'Casanovas.'

Cringe AF, but also how has nobody ever come up with that nickname before?

Anyway, as much as we are excited to see just how loyal the lads and ladies will be, we are still trying to come to terms with the fact that neither Harriett Blackmore or Ronnie Vint will have the Casa experience.

ronnie and harriet
ronnie and harriet were booted out ©itv

The couple were dumped from the villa at the end of last week after being voted the least popular couple by the viewing public.

Now that Harriett is back in the big wide world she has opened up about her time in the villa including her feud with Jess White and THAT row with Ciaran Davies.

She said, "I feel like from the beginning I’ve always tried to reach out to Jess and try and be there for her," Harriett revealed, "I tried to rekindle our friendship after the Ronnie situation. Naturally, it’s going to be hard when you both fancy the same boy, there’s going to be a bit of tension."

jess and hareiet
jess and harriet clashed ©itv

"But I feel like I’ve always tried to be the bigger person in the situation," she went on, "However, I did put my foot down and just walked away from that situation because some of the comments I didn’t agree with."

Harriett also opened up about her row with Welsh lad Ciaran who is all loved up with her former villa bestie Nicole Samuel.

The duo butted heads during a rather heated game of Never Have I Ever when Harriett called Ciaran "immature" and "embarrassing" he shot back a bitter remark that would have put Scott van-den Sluis to shame.

"I haven't been like second choice three times in here, so..." Ciaran called out.

ciaran ©itv

"He never actually apologised to me, but to be honest I don’t actually care," Harriet confessed, "At the end of the day everyone has their opinions."

The fallout caused uproar on social media with half of the Love Island fanbase siding with Harriett and the other half supporting Ciaran.

"I lived in that moment and all my friends there thought it was horrible the way he spoke to me," she went on, "I’m out of the villa now, I wish him all the best, no bad blood, but he could have given me an apology."

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