Love Island: ‘racy’ bikini rule revealed and really? REALLY? 👙

Yes, there are bikini rules in the Love Island villa

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Love Island producers present their Islanders with a colossal list of house rules upon entering the villa and, if we're being honest, we'd sell a body part to take a look at it.

We might not have laid eyes on the list, but thanks to an even longer list of loose-lipped Islanders from across the years, we know a fair few of the rules; from those that make total sense, to the – quite frankly – utterly bat sh*t. For example, did you know Islanders are not allowed to bring photos of loved ones into the villa with them? No? How about being forbidden from sneaking halloumi in? Both true.

The latest rule Closer online has unearthed is to do with the bikinis the Islanders are allowed to wear in the villa.

Georgia H and Hannah ©©ITV

According to All Stars' Jess and Eve Gale – who recently spilled the beans on Frankie and Demi Sims' new podcast, Sims Squared – there are strict rules when it comes to bikinis, and if the girls are wearing swimwear deemed "too provocative", producers will tell them to change.

The twins, who found fame on Love Island 2020, told hosts Demi and Frankie, "If it’s like too thong or, like, too much boobs they don’t…[allow it]."

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Jess and Eve ©ITV

"We didn’t really get it this time, but the first time I remember I got it a lot. This time I went in prepared, the first time we’d just wear our teeny-tiny bikinis and then you’d just hear on like, the voice of God, ‘Can you change please?’"

They added, "They don’t want any Ofcom complaints.

There are strict rules about bikinis on Love Island
There are strict rules about bikinis on Love Island ©©ITV

"I think if they feel it’s like too provocative…like one time you were wearing a really lacy one."

We also know that Love Island has a strict 'no nudity' rule, although the rumoured rule has definitely been broken in the past. Not naming any names.

It's claimed that Love Island's apparent no nudity policy means contestants are not allowed to be fully naked in front of each other – including in the shower or bath – as the villa is a public place.

In other news, during the same interview, Demi and Eve confirmed that since All Stars wrapped, the pair have been on a date and plan to continue seeing each other.

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