Love Island EXCLUSIVE: why producers almost enforced a drinking ban in the villa

Love Island 2024's troublemaker has been exposed

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Say what you want about the Love Island producers but they know what they're doing.

Whether they're chucking Joey Essex in as a bombshell, sending Sam Taylor home after 48 hours or making Nicole Samuel announce that her BFF Samantha Kenny was dumped from the villa - we are hooked on Love Island 2024.

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samantha and joey on a date in the villa ©ITV

And it turns out that the drama isn't just on TV. In fact, the producers have had to step in with the Islanders breaking the villa rules too.

When we caught up with recently dumped (and robbed) Islanders Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field, we asked whether any of their fellow pals were told off in the villa and their answers did not disappoint.

"Samantha got told off because she was nicking everyone's drinks. You'd leave it for two seconds and it would be gone," Munveer joked.

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munveer has been spilling the tea ©ITV

"We almost got all of our drinks revoked because of that," Patsy went on to add with Munveer saying, "we almost got a drink ban."


We wonder what the Islanders would do if they had zero alcohol in the villa because according to Patsy and Munveer they get an extra drink if things are plain sailing.

"[You get] one drink unless it's really boring and there's no chat in there going on. Then they'd give you another one to spice things up," Munveer revealed.

love island patsy
patsy has spoken out about the alcohol rules in the villa ©ITV

"And everyone would run to the larder to get that second drink," Patsy added.

But it wasn't just the alcohol that the series 11 Islanders have been told off for, nope Patsy and Harriett would often get in trouble during their down days.

"On the couple of hours - here and there - where the boys and girls are separated and you can't talk about storylines, me and Harriett [Blackmore] would pretend we were scratching our collarbone, cover the mic and say, 'So what do you think about the Ronnie situation?'

"Then we'd try and have a catch up and then over the tannoy they'd say, 'Girls, stop that conversation please.'"


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