These desktop Zen gardens will create a chilled space in your home office

Get ready to be chilled AF.

Best desktop zen gardens

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Is it just us, or is life a bit full-on at the minute? Lockdown stress is REAL, we're now navigating a 'new normal' and many of us are working from home. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, something as simple as a desktop garden could be the perfect remedy.

Similar to meditating, dragging that little rake across the sand allows you to forget about your deadlines and stress, open up your mind and just get a little respite. Plus, they look really cool.

Why not add an indoor fountain into the mix while you're at it?

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The best desktop zen gardens

F&G Supplies Make Your Own kit1 of 5

F&G Supplies Make Your Own kit

Nothing says mystic Buddhist Zen garden like a small Buddha statue. This garden measures 26 x 23cm, and features the basic sand and rake combo, as well as a tea light holder for some midnight meditation. You'll also find flowers, stones and a gong.

ICNBUYS Mini Zen Garden2 of 5

ICNBUYS Mini Zen Garden

Building on the openness of simplicity, this sand garden requests you to decorate its sparseness with your creativity. The small pebbles can ground your mind, while the 10 x 7 inch dimension gives you plenty of freedom to go outside the lines and find yourself. Grab the rake tools, close your eyes and rediscover the inner you.

ICNBUYS Zen Garden3 of 5

ICNBUYS Zen Garden

Like walking through a miniature picture perfect Japanese garden, this set-up allows you to draw your rake under a mini bridge and around a range of fake trees. Let your imagination wonder as you create paths and waves in the sand with your free rake, and watch as Monday blues become a thing of the past.

COCORO Desktop Zen Garden for Desk4 of 5

COCORO Desktop Zen Garden for Desk

The COCORO Deluxe Zen Garden is a brilliant way to help you focus, feel relaxed and meditate by gently creating patterns and placing the accessories on top of the sand. It measures 25 x 25cm, so it's the perfect size for a desk or coffee table.

Miniature Zen Garden Set5 of 5

Miniature Zen Garden Set

Step into the world of Zen gardens with this miniature garden, ideal if you're low on space. It's simple and comes with a bamboo rake, incense and mini stone (that holds the incense).

Zen (with a capital Z) is about finding your inner peace, your own little oasis of calm where nothing can get in, and just slowing the pace a little. The word Zen derives from a Middle Chinese word which can be roughly translated as "absorption" or "meditative state".

Other ways to incorporate calmness into your life is to create your very own spa day, or incorporate some of these stress-relief items into your everyday activities.

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