Burgers, brownies and homemade smoothies – Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson reveals her food secrets

The Geordie OG star opens her fridge door and reveals how overhauling her diet has helped with chronic UTIs (ouch)

Marnie Simpson food diet

by Georgina Terry |

How much do you spend per week?

Casey [Johnson, Marnie’s boyfriend] and I spend about £200 a week. We used to be really bad for constantly going to the supermarket. We’d do a really big shop and then, three days later, we were back again. We have been going less during lockdown though.

What’s your daily diet?

I make my own smoothie for breakfast with frozen berries, kale, coconut water, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, cocoa and supplements like spirulina.

For lunch, we’ll have something like salmon, rice and feta while dinner might be beef burgers with salad, instead of chips, so they’re not as naughty. I used to eat so badly but I suffer with chronic UTIs and the doctor told me improving my diet would help, so I’ve been eating loads of fruit and veg and it has helped. I feel better for it.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’m not too adventurous, so I haven’t tried frogs’ legs or snails or anything! I’ve had caviar before and I really didn’t like it.

Is there anything you refuse to eat?

I hate mushrooms, there’s something about the texture of them! They’re just gross.

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Geordie Shore babies STACKED

Geordie Shore babies
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Gaz Beadle was the card carrying Alpha of the crew, who had a "degree in pulling women" and was the cause of A LOT of heartache for Charlotte Crosby.

Geordie Shore babies
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CREDIT: Instagram

Gaz and his girlfriend Emma McVey welcomed their first son early 2018, and confirmed their second pregnancy with an adorable Instagram post in June 2019.

Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey
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CREDIT: Instagram

Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey welcomed their baby daughter into the world on December 16 2019. Gaz shared the first photo of their girl on Instagram and said, "What an amazing Xmas this is going to be... @emma_jane1392 was amazing and both my girls are now resting ud83dudc95 can't wait to do it all again and can't wait for Chester to meet her... thank you so much for everyone's messages means a lot ❤ufe0f".

Geordie Shore babies
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Baby of the group Marnie came in as Sophie Kasae's younger cousin but certainly carved out her own legacy by turning the heads of Gaz and Aaron Chalmers – with Charlotte dubbing her "a massive flirty slag with really long confusing hair".

Geordie Shore babies
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CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie surprised everyone when she announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Casey Johnson after admitting she had concerns about her fertility.After what seemed like the longest pregnancy in the world ever, Marnie gave birth to a baby boy after getting induced at 12 days overdue.

Marnie Simpson son
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CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie shared the first picture of her and Casey's baby boy, Rox Johnson the following month. She wrote, "Rox Johnson ud83dudc95 29.10.19 8.1 We adore you so much our beautiful boy ud83dudc95".

Geordie Shore babies
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Greg, pictured here with Vicky Pattison, only lasted one season, and was somewhat overshadowed by the bigger personalities in the group

Geordie Shore babies
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CREDIT: Instagram

No fear though, because Greg seems to be settling well into his current role as dad to baby Daye, who he welcomed in June 2018 with girlfriend Jennifer Metcalfe.

Geordie Shore babies
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Chanelle joined the house in 2016 and quickly made enemies with some of the girls, leaving the house under acrimonious circumstances, saying she couldn't face "living with snakes".

Geordie Shore babies
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CREDIT: Instagram

Chantelle faced lots of criticism during her pregnancy as she showed off her super toned and flat stomach throughout, but delivered a healthy baby boy, Ricardo, in June 2019, after a "difficult" birth.

Geordie Shore babies
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Rebecca was but an 18 year old wild child when she entered the house in season two, ready to fight queen bee Vicky Pattison for Jay Gardner's affections.

Geordie Shore babies
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CREDIT: Instagram

But now she's all grown up and has a baby of her own. We don't know much about the mummy-son duo, but they do look ADORABLE on Instagram.

Aaron Chalmers
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"Cheeky and colourful" Aaron lasted a not too shabby at all eight series in the Geordie Shore house, from eight to 16.

Aaron Chalmers son
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CREDIT: Instagram

In October 2019, he announced that he was expecting a baby with Talia Oatway. Baby Romeo came along in April 2020.

What would you cook to impress?

I’m not the best cook, if I’m being honest. For visitors, I’d make a Mediterranean salad with chicken, and then a chocolate brownie with cream for dessert.

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The verdict

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow says, “Marnie’s fridge is packed with foods from the four main groups: fruit and veg, starchy foods, dairy and protein-packed foods. This makes it easy for her to create nutritious meals. I’d suggest that sometimes she swaps breakfast smoothies for whole fruits, nuts, seeds, yoghurt and toasted oats, as chewing triggers signals that help to let us know we’re getting full.”

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