Looking for low-calorie wine? Don’t worry, hun, we’ve got you

Low calorie rosé, low calorie red wine - seriously, we've got the lot.

low calorie wine

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So, you've been searching for low-calorie wine? Well, you've come to the right place because we've found some good'uns.

The best low-calorie wine:

1 - Thompson and Scott Prosecco (around 82 cals per 125ml glass)

2 - Brancott Estate Flight Sauvignon Blanc (around 75 cals per 125ml glass)

3 - La Rossa 'Zero Sugar Zero Carbs' Piemonté Red (around 75 cals per 125ml glass)

At the end of a long day at work (or, you know, any day ending in 'y'...), a glass of vino can be a nice way to ring in the evening. You might fancy popping to your local Tesco or Sainsbury's on your way home to pick up a bottle, even.

The thing is, while wine might be a 'nice way' to settle into a relaxing evening, it's not always where you want to spend your calories. Now, we're not saying you should be watching your calorie intake like a hawk - god, no - but don't you ever wish some of your 'treat' foods/drinks weren't as calorific?

Everything can be healthy in moderation...however, with low-calorie options you don't have to think about moderation quiiite as much.

So, without further ado, here's our top picks of the best low-calorie red, white, rosé and sparkling wines for your perusal (you can even get them on Amazon...).

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La Rossa 450 'Zero Sugar - Zero Carbs' Piemontu00e9 Red1 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

La Rossa 450 'Zero Sugar - Zero Carbs' Piemonté Red

About 75 cals per 125ml glass, 11 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume).

Rosu00e9 500 'Zero Sugar - Zero Carbs'2 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Rosé 500 'Zero Sugar - Zero Carbs'

About 84 cals per 125ml glass, 12 per cent ABV.

Brancott Estate Flight Sauvignon Blanc3 of 12

Brancott Estate Flight Sauvignon Blanc

About 75 cals per 125ml serving, 9 per cent ABV.

St Louis de Provence - Rosu00e94 of 12
CREDIT: Drinkwell

St Louis de Provence - Rosé

About 74 calories per 125ml glass, 13 per cent ABV.

Thompson and Scott Prosecco5 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Thompson and Scott Prosecco

About 82 cals per 125ml glass, 11 per cent ABV.

PinotPinot Pinot Grigio Spritzer6 of 12
CREDIT: Sainsburys

PinotPinot Pinot Grigio Spritzer

About 82 calories per 200ml can, 5.5 per cent ABV.

low calorie wine7 of 12
CREDIT: amazon

Vin Crowd Wine Pink Spritz

About 46 cals per 125ml glass and 5% ABV.

best low calorie wine8 of 12
CREDIT: drizly

Babe Sparkling White Can

About 88 cals per 125ml glass and 12.5% ABV.

low calorie wine9 of 12
CREDIT: Drinkwell UK

Running Duck Organic Rose

About 84 calories per 125ml, 13% ABV.

low calorie wine10 of 12

Piattini Pinot Grigio

About 79 calories per 125ml, 12% ABV.

low calorie wine11 of 12
CREDIT: Canvino

Canvino Bianco

About 95 cals per 125ml can and 10.5% ABV

low calorie wine12 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Viña Mariposa Tinto

About 89 cals per 125ml glass and 12% ABV. Note - price is for a case.

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How many calories are there in a glass of wine?

In a 125ml glass of red or white wine at 13 per cent ABV, there are about 114 calories (DrinkAware).

In a 125ml glass of prosecco at 12 per cent ABV, there are about 86 calories.

Is low-calorie wine good for you?

In short, no, low calorie wine isn't good for you but it's arguably better for you than higher calorie wines.

According to Cancer Research, drinking alcohol can increase your risk of cancer. "Cancer risk starts to increase at small amounts [of alcohol]," says the organisation, so, generally speaking, cutting down on your alcohol consumption will help to reduce this risk.

So, you're thinking, what does this have to do with low calorie wine? Well reader, some low calorie wines (not all) actually have a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) than their higher calorie competitors. In this instance, if you were drinking a glass of 5 per cent ABV, as opposed to your normal 11 per cent (approximately), then, yes, this low calorie wine would be putting you at a lesser risk of cancer than a regular glass would.

And, along that vein, according to Healthline, "Calories from alcohol are typically considered empty calories, since most alcoholic drinks do not provide substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients."

The website also thats that drinking too much wine can cause you to consume more calories than you burn. As such, if you're opting for a glass of wine with lower calories than your usual tipple, you're minimising the risk of consuming too many calories, and "empty calories" at that.

Is low alcohol wine lower in calories?

Generally speaking? Yes.

Often, a wine with less alcohol - for example HUN's Rose spritzers at 5% ABV - will also have less calories. Naturally, that also means that an alcohol-free tipple - for example Sainsbury's alcohol-free rose - will often have significantly less calories, with Saino's pink serve coming in at just 33 cals per suggested serving.

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