The very best flavoured gins

Give them what they want this year. Gin.

The best flavoured gins

by Adam Binnie |
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The biggest thing at the bar for a few years now, ranging from the most simple and classic London Dry to complex flavoured gins, the sky really is the limit when it comes to this popular spirit.

So gin drinkers can now get all sorts of flavours (beyond juniper and botanicals) and we’ve taken on the task of testing a wide range to find out which ones are actually any good. We've also included gin-flavoured gin too.

We can honestly think of no greater present than a new and unusual blend of flavours to wrong-foot your gin-enthusiast friends. However, if you think they'd be more suited to a classic gin-flavoured bottle, we've thrown some in there for good measure.

Scroll down to find out all the best-flavoured gins you can buy today, whether you want to pop one in your basket during the weekly shop or order online without getting off your sofa.

How we test gin

We drink it - unsurprisingly - a double measure mixed with 150ml. Then we try it again combined with any special ingredients or mixers the distiller recommends, whether it's something simple like a slice of lime or cucumber, or shaken up into a specific cocktail that enhances the botanical flavours.

We think it's vital to be scientific but also to enjoy each gin in the way it was intended to be drunk, which is why we use the method above. Each gin is also sampled individually. Once you've had three or four, it's hard to make useful notes.

Our favourite flavoured gins - tried and tasted

Best gin for adventurous drinkers


Elephant Gin is an adventurous drop with a traditional backbone that will appeal to classic gin


  • Very different flavour profile
  • But with a classic backbone


  • Flavour can be lost in overpowering tonic

Best gift for gin drinkers

Gin Me subscription - 12 months
Price: £62.70 (was £84)


Name a better gift than gin in the post. We can wait. Whether for a friend or for yourself, the


  • Gin in the post!
  • Try something new every month


  • Could become costly if you buy bottles of everything you like

The best gin for juniper fans


Gin aged in a barrel made of juniper wood sounded like something I absolutely needed to try for


  • Something new for Herno fans
  • Gets even better over time


  • Standard Herno is excellent enough

The best floral gin


Floral gin is definitely something I've grown to love - it can be quite an acquired taste, and


  • Unashamedly floral
  • Very bold flavour


  • Too floral for some

The best citrusy gin


Now this is something really special that will appeal to everyone from gin newbies to those


  • Very different...
  • ...yet familiar


  • Too perfumed for some

The best Christmas gin


Back by popular demand, this festive gin packs a citrus punch with warming spice and a signature


  • Extremely festive
  • Citrusy and spicy


  • Will it taste as good in the summer?

The best delicately flavoured gin


Like the gin flavoured with port that we’ve tried below, this is another unusual mix, this time


  • Intriguing
  • Light and refreshing


  • Some might find it too subtle

The best easy drinking gin

Conker Port Barrel Ginamazon
Price: £49.95


The last few years have seen some truly unique gin flavour combinations, but it's fair to say none


  • Warming flavour
  • Subtle woodiness


  • The standard Dorset Dry is already very good

The best London Dry gin

58 Gin - London Dry Ginamazon


London-based 58 Gin was the UK's Gin Producer of the Year in 2020 and this particular bottle won a


  • Beautiful bottle
  • Classic flavours


  • Too moreish?

The best fruity gin

Wildjac Apple & Elderberry Ginmaster of malt


This Apple & Elderberry Gin is the latest limited edition offering from Wildjac, which produces a


  • Packed with fruit
  • Works well with juice mixers


  • Not for traditionalists

The best eco-conscious gin

Cooper King Discovery Ginnhm shop


Cooper King Discovery Gin is a spirit that's good for your conscience – not only is it carbon


  • Carbon neutral
  • Delicious


  • Not widely available

Other gins we've tried and liked

Aber Falls Gin1 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Aber Falls Gin

I've included both these flavours of Aber Falls Welsh gin because they're both delicious and I can't choose between them. If you need warming up, try the marmalade - it's surprisingly wonderful. It's a bit more orange jelly than marmalade, but that's not a bad thing. Feeling more summery? Try the rhubarb & ginger flavour - the rhubarb is that perfect combination of sweet and sour then the ginger hits you round the back of the head and wakes you up. I also love the brand as I've been on holiday close to where the gin is distilled and that makes me happy.

Gordonu2019s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin2 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin

If you love a G&T then you'll likely have sampled it with a twist of lemon many times before. This new variety from Gordon's saves the need for extra fruit and is full of the taste of Sicily. It's not for the faint-hearted and you need to really, really love lemon – but if you do, this is a zesty alternative ready for summer.

Greenall's Wild Berry Gin3 of 23
CREDIT: tesco

Greenall's Wild Berry Gin

A good option for fans of pink gin, this Greenall's offering is full of berry flavours, ideal for autumn, especially if you've just been sloe picking for your own gin. Great with ginger beer, if you fancy a change from tonic.

Porter's Orchard Gin4 of 23
CREDIT: porters gin

Porter's Orchard Gin

New from Scottish micro-distillery Porter's, this Orchard gin blends green apples and pears with juniper, recreating a Champagne flavour in homage to Blanc de Blanc Champagne. While it's understandably nothing like a chilled glass of fizz, it does have subtle hints that you'll enjoy if you're a Champagne fan. The apple makes it great for autumn evenings - I've even tried this with warm apple juice for a special treat.

Portobello Road Savoury Gin5 of 23
CREDIT: portobello road gin

Portobello Road Savoury Gin

If you are after something fresh and perfect for Summer, the Portobello Road Gin Distillery has just added this savoury gin to their impressive range. Inspired by the botanicals of Corsica and the surrounding Mediterranean area, you should expect hints of bergamot, rosemary, basil and green olive, and a pinch of salt. Served best with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary, your taste buds are most certainly in for a treat.

Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin6 of 23
CREDIT: sipsmith

Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin

Grab a bottle of this limited edition Sipsmith offering - the chilli heat is perfect for autumn and the hint of gin keeps it fresh. This is great with a straight tonic, but also good if you want a different version of a margarita, too.

White Wine Gin Liqueur7 of 23
CREDIT: the bottle club

White Wine Gin Liqueur

If you like white wine and gin, then why not try white wine gin? It's a gin that tastes like white wine. But it's gin. OK, so we don't really understand why you wouldn't just have a glass of white wine, but we're not here to judge. You can also get red and rose versions too. It's quite nice, and it does taste of white wine, so I was pretty happy testing this one for an evening.

Boe Passion Fruit Gin8 of 23
CREDIT: the drink shop

Boe Passion Fruit Gin

A strong flavour, this passion fruit gin couldn't be called subtle and is a really fun gin. The bright yellow colour also makes it great for cocktail making.

Adnams Quince Gin9 of 23
CREDIT: adnams

Adnams Quince Gin

Now, I'll admit to never having had a quince, whether it be a jam or sliced like the Owl and the Pussycat, so I didn't know what to expect with this flavoured gin, but I was impressed. It's fruity and fragrant but in a warm, autumnal way. It's good with normal tonic, but also tasty with lemonade and fresh apple as a garnish if you fancy something a bit different.

Two Birds Pink Grapefruit & Pomegranate Gin10 of 23
CREDIT: two birds spirits

Two Birds Pink Grapefruit & Pomegranate Gin

Two Birds is a fabulous brand offering quality flavoured (and normal) gin and other spirits, and this new flavour doesn't disappoint. Now, I'm not a fan of pomegranate normally, but the zing of the grapefruit makes this a delicious summer gin to sip. When I say sip, I mean drink two tumblers' worth in quick succession, obviously.

Cranes Cranberry Gin11 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Cranes Cranberry Gin

When I tried this, I wondered if the dryness of cranberry would be too much, as gin is normally dry anyway. But actually, this was delicious - just enough sweetness, and really moreish. Really moreish. Did I say it was moreish?

Moonshot Gin from That Boutique-y Gin Company12 of 23
CREDIT: master of malt

Moonshot Gin from That Boutique-y Gin Company

A bit of a different one, this gin contains botanicals that have all been sent to space. Yes, you read that correctly - it's a bit Elon Musk, this one. It contains juniper, coriander, cubeb pepper, fresh lemon peel, chamomile flowers, cardamom, dried bitter orange peel, cinnamon, liquorice root and angelica were all sent into the stratosphere at an altitude of about 20km where they were exposed to extremely low pressures. What does that do to the flavour? Well, I don't know that I could taste space dust or the moon's atmosphere, but it's a pretty delicious gin all the same. Notes of citrus and even a bit of lemon sherbet come through, but it's balanced by the herbs.

Jaffa Cake Gin13 of 23
CREDIT: master of malt

Jaffa Cake Gin

Now, can a gin really taste like a Jaffa Cake? REALLY? Well, yes, this one does actually, quite a bit. Admittedly, it's not the same as chomping on a half-moon of delicious cake (yes, it's a cake, not a biscuit), but it comes pretty close. It's one of the few flavoured gins that captures a chocolate flavour, and the orange notes are fantastic. We tried this with a plain tonic and also with a hint-of-lemon tonic, and both worked well.

Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin - 70cl14 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin

Fellow writer Will said: "I'd buy this just because of how fancy the bottle is. A bonus is how good it tastes - it's a bit like Um Bongo." What more of a recommendation do we need? It's got nine botanicals, plus pineapple and a hint of mango, too.

Bloom gins15 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Bloom Gins

This Bloom Passionfruit and Vanilla Blossom Gin might be my new favourite weekend drinkypoo. It's fruity but the vanilla gives it a special something else (I'm forever harping on to my other half about how vanilla isn't a sweet flavour, our brains just think it is because we always have it with cakes, and that in Scandinavia they eat it with fish...). The Raspberry and Rose one is great too, as again the sweetness is cut through with some sharpness to really go well with the gin botanicals.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin Liqueur, 50 cl16 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Sipsmith Sloe Gin Liqueur

I love sloe gin. I make it myself a lot. However, it's really time-consuming, so I'll happily save myself weeks of stewing it and just buy a good bottle instead. This sloe gin is great - a real depth of flavour, and great to drink either with tonic or on its own to really warm the cockles.

Salcombe Gin u2018Rosu00e9 Sainte Marieu201917 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Salcombe Gin ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’

This gin from Salcombe Gin basically tastes like summer, so it's perfect for those long, lazy afternoons in the garden. A dry rosé gin with no added sugar, it has notes of fresh lemon peel, strawberries and orange blossom - a real treat for the senses.

Muff Irish Potato Gin18 of 23
CREDIT: the muff liquor company

Muff Irish Potato Gin

OK so it's not a flavoured gin just like the others, but this is a bit different all the same. It's made from four types of potatoes and includes champagne essence. By the way, it's named after the town of Muff on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal. Take your minds out the gutter.

Parma Violet Gin Flavoured Liqueur - Glitter Shimmer Effect19 of 23
CREDIT: amazon

Parma Violet Gin Flavoured Liqueur Glitter Shimmer Effect

Parma Violets are a bit like Marmite in the office – love it or hate it. This gin is not only flavoured with the famous purple sweets but also has a glittery shimmer unicorn sparkle. You will love or hate this, definitely. Personally, I hate it.

Poetic License Honey Bee20 of 23
CREDIT: master of malt

Poetic License Honey Bee

A really different taste, with notes of honey and floral sweetness in this gin. There's also a hint of basil that goes with the juniper, but I'd only recommend this if you're a massive fan of honey - it's not one for everyone.

That Boutique-y Gin Company Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin21 of 23
CREDIT: master of malt

That Boutique-y Gin Company Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin

Fellow colleague and tester Alan said: "A little sticky and a whole lot tasty, this pineapple gin glides down your throat. I didn't know spit-roasting pineapples was a thing until I tried this, but now I don't want to be in a world without this sweet, sweet nectar. Its strong caramelised pineapple flavour will always leave you wanting more. For bonus points, drink it straight - you won't regret it."

Three Wrens Apple Crumble Gin22 of 23
CREDIT: three wrens gin

Three Wrens Apple Crumble Gin

Fellow writer Jade said: "This gin has a unique smell and is very sweet - maybe a bit too sweet for some people. Great paired with spicy mixers like ginger ale or spiced tonics." Having it after some actual apple crumble might be a bit much, mind.

Hazy Strawberry CBD Gin23 of 23

Strangeways Hazy Strawberry CBD Gin

Want a mellow feeling alongside your gin heat? Try this CBD/Strawberry gin. It's an acquired taste as the strawberry is very, very sweet, but there are citrus notes to balance it out. Full disclosure: I didn't feel at all stoned when I drank this.

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