Can Vicky Pattison recover from her year of hell?

Vicky Pattison

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There was no escaping Vicky Pattison’s pain last week, as she posted an emotional tribute on Instagram to her best friend Paul Burns on the one-year anniversary of his sudden death, writing, “my life hasn’t been the same”.

Paul collapsed and died while on a night out in Newcastle last June, aged just 37. The tragedy marked the beginning of a downward spiral for Vicky, 31 – and a gruelling 12 months.

In November, she was left “heartbroken and humiliated” when her engagement to childhood sweetheart John Noble abruptly ended, after snaps surfaced of him getting close to another woman in Dubai.

Vicky Pattison

Just four months later, she lost another friend, when Love Island star Mike Thalassitis tragically took his own life. Insiders reveal Vicky is still struggling to come to terms with this traumatic series of events.

A source says, “This has been the toughest year of Vicky’s life – she’s even admitted she’s not sure how she’s found the strength to cope. Paul’s anniversary brought back a lot of raw emotions, which she’d tried to bury, but she’s realised she can’t keep ‘boxing up’ her feelings to escape sadness. She’s acknowledged that she’s still grieving, and is not over everything that’s happened. Frankly, she’s worn out by it all.”

Vicky – who’s endured a public battle with her weight since losing 3st in 2013– revealed in May that she’d “gained weight” and that it was “getting her down.” So much so that she admitted she was sleep-eating, and was suffering such a crisis of confidence that she failed to attend the TV BAFTAs that same month.

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Kyle Christie then

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Kyle Christie30 of 30
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Kyle Christie now

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Vicky Pattison

The source adds, “Vicky prides herself on being open and honest. She knows it’s part of the process of overcoming what she’s been through, but she wishes she could find a way to feel better now. She sometimes has bouts of anxiety where she can’t face going out to work events or socialising, and her friends are starting to worry – they just want the old Vicky back.”

At the time of her BAFTAs no-show, insiders told Closer that the former Geordie Shore star’s confidence was at an all-time low, and pals say she’s still struggling.

The source says, “Vicky’s not been feeling herself recently, and while all her friends reassure her she looks fab, she’s still keen to improve her diet and keep up her workouts – mainly to boost her mood, but also to help maintain her weight.”

Vicky Pattison

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Pals say the star is feeling particularly sad, as she should be happily counting down the days to the £175,000 summer wedding she’d planned with John.

Opening up about the betrayal in January, the I’m A Celeb winner, said, “I saw my whole life unravel in front of me. I felt the lowest I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t imagine hurting the person I’m supposed to love. I couldn’t have even looked at another man, so to do what he’s done to me has left me numb.”

Despite her heartache, Vicky began dating former TOWIE star Ercan Ramadan at the start of the year, but the pair have been on/off ever since, and pals are now concerned he was a rebound fling, and that she’ll be even more upset if they don’t last.


The source says, “Vicky is still trying to get her head around what happened with John, and pals are concerned that she rushed into things with Ercan. A lot of their rows are sparked by the anger she’s still harbouring over her relationship with John.

“Friends and family have urged her to get some more professional help, and have encouraged her to slow things down with Ercan, or even take a complete break while she properly tackles her troubles. But she’s adamant that she needs him right now, and she doesn’t want to be alone.

“Vicky’s incredibly tough and has a huge support network around her, and she’s determined to get back to her old self. She insists she’ll get the help she needs to get herself back on track, and says she just wants to feel fit and strong again."

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