EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Sims opens up on feud with ‘evil’ sisters that left her ‘blindsided’

The former TOWIE told us, 'I hate to say it, but egos got involved'

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If you've watched the first couple of episodes of House of Sims series two, then you'll know it's a far cry from the lacklustre first series. Season two has only just started streaming on OFTV and already the drama is giving.

In short, the Sims siblings are at war – with former TOWIE stars Chloe Sims, Charlie Sims and Georgia Shults in one corner and Frankie Sims and Demi Sims in the other. Fans of the Sims clan already know that Frankie and Demi abandoned the LA lifestyle late last year and returned to Essex following a family feud and season two is set to expose all that dirty laundry.

Although the exact reason for the feud is yet to be revealed, the teaser clip for the second series features Chloe fuming, “I’m so angry. I f**king put you where you are.”

Things then kick off when Chloe pulls up Frankie on her “attitude”, leading Chloe to storm off in tears.

“They’re the worst. They’re evil,” she sobs.

Georgia Shults, Charlie Sims, Chloe Sims, Demi Sims and Frankie Sims in LA in 2022
Georgia Shults, Charlie Sims, Chloe Sims, Demi Sims and Frankie Sims in LA in 2022 ©(Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

In an exclusive chat with Closer online, Chloe revealed how she was feeling now episodes have started to air on OFTV, "We've had some drama, which obviously makes it completely different. In series one, we were really happy and really united. And then season two, it kind of breaks down."

She continued, "It did get intense because, I don't know… I hate to say it, but I think egos got involved. And I think working with three sisters involved could lead to that. Personally, I wish that that didn't happen and I didn't see it coming. I'm not gonna lie, I was blindsided."

The whole thing is giving that series of The Simple Life when Paris and Nicole weren't talking. We never quite recovered from that; let's hope we can all recover from this.

Georgia Shults, Charlie Sims and Chloe Sims
Georgia Shults, Charlie Sims and Chloe Sims ©(Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

We'll be honest, when it comes to House of Sims, that chaos has been our focus, so much so that we completely forgot about Joey Essex potentially appearing on the show this season. We're a couple of episodes in now and – despite months of rumours and the TOWIE OG basically calling LA a second home now – Joey has been a no-show on the House of Sims series two so far. So where is he? Has he filmed scenes? And has he taken sides in this epic family feud?

Joey Essex

Chloe revealed that while Joey has been spending a lot of time in LA as of late, he didn't actually arrive until after filming for series two wrapped, so therefore will not be popping up this series. So much for manifestation.

She told Closer, "You never know, we'll see what happens in the future."

The reality star elaborated, "[Joey's] been staying with me – he came for like a week's holiday and he left yesterday. We counted it, and it was like six weeks he was here! I cried when he left, I actually felt really sad. It was difficult living with my little cousin – especially with him being a younger guy, he was going out a lot, he kept waking me up, getting up early in the morning and crashing around. I was thinking, oh my God, this is driving me mad. But then I got really used to having him here, he’s like my best mate. We were going and doing things together every day – we were going to the gym, shopping, deciding what we’re eating."

Chloe Sims and Joey Essex
Chloe Sims and Joey Essex ©(Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

Next time, eh? If there is a next time, that is.

As much as we are living for the drama – and no doubt it's been amped up a bit in the name of reality TV, c'mon – we do have a soft spot for the Sims, so if we're going to be manifesting one thing it's not more drama, it's that these queens and king use this physical and emotional breather to remember that the love is clearly still there.

House of Sims is available to stream on OnlyFans’ OFTV

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