TOWIE fans shocked at Demi Sims pre-surgery

She looks COMPLETELY different

Demi Sims

by Marianna Manson |

TOWIE fans have been left stunned after fan favourite Demi Sims shared snaps of herself from her prom many moons ago.

The reality star took to her Instagram story to share the hilarious throwbacks that saw her posing with brunette hair alongside her brother Charlie Sims.

She wrote, "Me and @charliesims on my prom day lmao, I actually think this outfit was a decent pick for back then when I was 16 😂 pat on the back."

Demi also shared that she won an award for being the "biggest drip" in her year group. Bless her.

"Also I won the award pf being the 'biggest drip' out of our whole year 🙂🙂🙂😂 so embarassing when I had to collect the award in front of everyone."

Demi first featured alongside big sis Chloe Sims in series 12 way back in 2014, but it wasn’t until four years later that she became a regular cast member. But fans would be forgiven for not making the link that she was the same person because she looks very different nowadays compared to when she first starred on the show.

One Twitter user took to the platform to share a still from an old episode and wrote, “Demi was SO pretty! This is so tragic, honestly”.

The post gained plenty of attention with many commenting on the transformation.

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Demi Sims Chloe Sims
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“I was saying the other day I’d love to see photos of the TOWIE people when they were younger before they had any work done. She looks so different!” said one commenter.

“Omg so pretty before now they all look like clones I’m sorry ladies #TOWIE less is more,” said another while one more wrote, “Oh. My. God. Never in a million years would have thought that was the same girl. She was beautiful x”.

Another commenter said, “OMG how sad is this!! Demi looked so beautiful. Goes to show how bad of an influence her sister older sister is.”

But one more argued, “This is outrageously unfair. Putting blame solely on her sister, and not at all the environment and community she has grown up in, or the expectations of what is required to become a cast member.”

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