Sam Thompson asks TikTok star on date and she’s the SPIT of Zara McDermott

Because the best way to get over someone is to get with their lookalike, right?

Sam Thompson

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It's our strongly held belief that the Sam Thompson / Zara McDermott split might be THE break-up of our times. They're basically the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of the corona generation, hopefully without the allegedly-getting-with-someone-nearly-30-years-your-junior bit.

It's been less than three weeks since their split was announced and, in that time, we've seen more drama than in the past three series of Made In Chelsea put together.

And we're living for it, frankly.

The latest plot twist is that Sam has, IN PUBLIC no less, asked a TikTok star out for dinner.

And, blimey, she looks like Zara.

Charly Rosser TikTok
How to capture a potential bae's attention ©TikTok

Charly Rosser filmed a video of herself dancing in front of a picture of a topless Sam, which is 100% how we are going to capture the attention of e.g. Pete Wicks now we know it works.

She captioned the video, "Shooting my shot 👀 hello @samthompsonuk"

To which Sam suavely responded, "Dinner it is...."

Charly shot back, "Message a time and place on insta."

Does this mean a THIRD appearance on Celebs Go Datingfor Sam is off the cards? MIxed feelings.

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Forbidden CGD couples

cgd-couples1 of 12

Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex in series 1

When the show was just a little bitty baby in 2016, Stephanie and Joey were its first ever forbidden celeb couple. Then dating expert Nadia Essex certainly made her feelings known as later Steph told us, "I try to block out bad memories, but she didn't accept that Joey and I were dating. She was evil to me when I was dating Joey, on and off camera."She was flirting with Joey."

cgd-couples2 of 12

Eden Blackman and Chanel Sadie Paul in series 2

So this was QUITE the scandal at the time. Then dating coach Eden ended up hooking up with one of the civilian daters, Chanel, a Kim Kardashian lookalike who was brought in to date IRL Kim's best mate Jonathan Cheban (awks). It all crumbled though when Chanel found out he'd been two timing her and shared the messages online.

cgd-couples3 of 12

Charlotte Dawson and Frankie Cocozza in series 3

She might be settled down with a baby on the way now, but back in 2017 Charlotte looked to the dating agents to find her love with a civilian. Instead, she found a "genuine connection" with disgraced X Factor star Frankie, before accusing him of using her for air time. The pair no longer speak.

cgd-couples4 of 12

Tallia Storm and Seb Morris on series 4

Ok, ok, so not STRICTLY a forbidden romance, but Tallia and Seb were the OG exes on the show (to be extremely outshone by Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna two series later) and it was SO CLEAR when the agents had them in a room together that there was still LOADS of chemistry between them.

cgd-couples5 of 12

Olivia Attwood and Sam Craske in series 5

Love Island's Olivia certainly had options on the show, reportedly hooking up with Ibiza Weekender's Callum Izzard,too. But it was Diversity Dancer and Jesy Nelson's ex Sam who she attended the final with, and fans were overjoyed at the union.

cgd-couples6 of 12

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks in series 6

Easily the most enduring love affair to have come from the show, Pete and Sam each met their soulmates in each other in series six and are still the best of friends today (even if their relationship does revolve around Pete ripping into Sam).

cgd-couples7 of 12

Jack Fincham and Lauren Goodger in series 7

These two Essex natives seem like the perfect match on paper, which is why we were gutted not to see more of their relationship play out. TOWIE's Lauren dropped some major hints she'd been getting intimate with the Love Island winner, but later left the agency early to focus on herself.

cgd-couples8 of 12

Megan Barton Hanson and Demi Sims in series 7

After breaking up with her Love Island boyfriend Wes Nelson, Megan admitted she was bi-sexualand on CGD dated both guys and girls. She hit it off with TOWIE's Demi and the two ended the series trying to make a go of it, but it wasn't to last.

cgd-couples9 of 12

Josh Ritchie and Olivia Bentley on series 8

Made in Chelsea's poshest export Liv joined the agency looking for a bit of rough and found it in newly single Josh Ritchie, who'd just split from Charlotte Crosby. The pair were photographed snogging at a party and they both admitted to fancying each other.

cgd-couples10 of 12
CREDIT: Instagram

James Lock and Alison Hammond on series 8

Liv was also briefly linked to TOWIE's James but we much preferred the rumours about a romance with daytime telly hun Alison."I fell in love with James Lock on the show. This Greek God," she said at the time. "He did say one thing to me, he actually said, 'Alison you're my perfect girlfriend, personality-wise'."I was absolutely devastated. So I went to the gym and worked out. So personality-wise I'm his perfect girl!"

cgd-couples11 of 12

Pete Wicks and Shaughna Phillips in series 9

The celebs might have to maintain a safe distance for 2020's virtual series, but that didn't stop Pete and Love Island's Shaughna hitting it off. She denied any romance but admitted, "Anna and Paul have actually said to me that they think me and Pete are alike in the sense that we kind of go along with things to be nice."That could be a perfect chemistry… He's probably not my type on paper, but he's lovely."

cgd-couples12 of 12
CREDIT: Instagram

Tom Zanetti and Sophie Hermann

Despite Celebs Go Dating the Mansion being rife with rumours of celeb pairings, it was superstar DJ Tom Zanetti and Made in Chelsea heiress Sophie Hermann who made a go of things. Viewers watched the pair flirt their way through the series before finally being set up on a date by Pau and Anna, with Anna telling Closer exclusively that "if a celeb starts to gravitate toward another celebrity, it is something we explore but we also try and keep them on the path of dating regular folk as well."

Of course, Charly's not the only lady who has her sights set on an appearance inMade in Chelsea - sorry, SORRY, excuse us - we meant relationship with Sam.

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry has also thrown her hat in the ring and apparently asked her management company to set them up on a date.

And Zara has posted a sad throwback photofrom a holiday she and Sam went on in Rome, so perhaps she wants him back.

Sam Thompson Zara McDermott
Sam and Zara in happier times ©Getty

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Look! More news!

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Made in Chelsea's most dramatic splits

Speaking about Pete Wicks, as we were - earlier, he thinks his pal is doing okay following his dramatic break-up.

Chatting to heat, Pete explained: "He’s doing well. He’s a good guy. He’s sensitive and I think it was all a bit of a shock but he’s doing well. He’s still young and he’s a catch so he’s got his whole life ahead of him. The world is his oyster."

Asked how he's been cheering his best bud up, Pete revealed: "Just being nice to him because I’m generally not that nice to him! I’ve been sending him a message every morning just checking in, saying, “Are you alright, you miserable f**ker?”

"He gives me a little rundown of how he’s feeling every day. It was quite intense for both of them being in lockdown anyway, so he can now go and do what he wants, which is a positive."

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