5 times Megan Barton-Hanson was a sex positive icon

The Love Island legend is all about encouraging women to own their sexuality

Megan Barton Hanson sexuality

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There’s loads to love about Megan Barton-Hanson, but one of the main reasons we admire the reality star is her sex positive attitude. Not only does she embrace her sexuality and refuse to be shamed for it, she actively encourages others to do the same without fear.

Megan, who is currently appearing on the second series of Celebrity Ex on the Beach after rising to fame on Love Island back in 2018, uses her platform to tackle taboo subjects, break down stigmas and promote sexual wellness – and she deserves to be applauded for it.

No one practices what they preach quite like Megan and she regularly speaks out on the subjects of sex, sexuality and female pleasure, but here are just five times she proved herself to be a sex positive icon…

When she refused to be shamed for having sex on Love Island

Megan was subjected to a barrage of abuse for having sex with both Eyal Booker and Wes Nelson on Love Island but refused to be shamed and pointed out the double standards as male Islanders who had multiple sexual partners in the villa were not subjected to the same criticism.

Megan Barton Hanson sexuality
Megan appeared on Love Island in 2018 ©ITV

“When I came out [of Love Island], everyone was like, ‘are you embarrassed by the fact you've slept with two people on TV?’, ‘aren’t you ashamed?’, ‘do you think your family are going to be embarrassed?’ All of this stuff. I was like, ‘well Wes slept with Laura and then me, Adam slept with Rosie and then Zara, so why is that just because I’m female I’m getting slut-shamed?’,” she told Grazia.

“It was such a shock for me that on the show I got so much stick and abuse for sleeping with two different boys. After that I just really want girls to feel empowered about their sexuality and bridge the gap between men and women.”

When she encouraged women to take their pleasure into their own hands (quite literally)

Megan is an ambassador for Ann Summers’ Pleasure Positivity Project and works with the brand to break down the stigma surrounding women’s enjoyment of sex, whether that’s raising awareness of the orgasm gap – which means women miss out on an average of 1734 orgasms across their lifetime compared to men – or encouraging women to “take your pleasure seriously” by sharing her favourite sex toys.

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Tyler Cruickshank1 of 24

Tyler Cruickshank

Bombshell Tyler was pretty keen on Kaz... Until Casa Amor. His head did a complete 180 when he met Clarisse. But when he returned to the villa, Tyler did a complete U-turn and got back with Kaz. Poor Clarisse and Matthew (who Kaz was coupled up with) were then left single.

Terry Walsh2 of 24

Terry Walsh

Tattooed Terry Walsh cracked on with newcomer Emma-Jane Woodham within HOURS of girlfriend Malin Andersson being booted out of the villa. The cheating pair then went on to have sex in front of the other contestants (which he'd already done with Malin). Sophie Gradon commented: "She was riding him like a bucking bronco." Apparently, Emma-Jane was the 502nd person Terry had slept with. Not that he's counting. Rat Rating: 9

Jack Fowler3 of 24

Jack Fowler

Yes, he was one of the sexiest 2018 Love Island contestants but we can't deny the fact that Jack Fowler is definitely a love rat.When he first joined the villa we thought he was perfect with Laura Anderson and we were all on his side when he didn't get back with her after she ended things and then wanted to reunite with him.However we started to think there was something about him when he instantly got back with her after it was announced that two new boys (Idris and Kieran) would be entering the villa. And then he broke Laura's heart after two new girls (Laura 2.0 and Steph) joined the villa. Yup. He ended things just a day after they came into the villa and moved on VERY quickly with the new Laura as well.Talk about salt to the wound, eh?Rat Rating: 8 (we think he's a total game changer)

Megan Barton Hanson4 of 24

Megan Barton Hanson

Muggy Megan Barton Hanson went straight for Wes Nelson hours after dumping Eyal Booker, despite the fact he was coupled up with her pal Laura Anderson. Within 24 hours, she snogged him in bed (that's one fast rat). THEN Megan played about 20 guys against each other in Casa Amor before deciding to cheat on Wes with new boy Alex Miller. In her defence, she was with Wes for six months after leaving the villa - but the couple split in January 2019. Rat Rating: 7

Toby Aromolaran5 of 24

Toby Aromolaran

Toby, Toby, Toby. He had quite the journey. He coupled up with Kaz, then dumped her for bombshell Chloe, then dumped her for bombshell Abigail and then he left for Casa Amor... After returning to the villa he brought back MARY. Days later he dumped Mary AND Abigail and reunited with Chloe.

Alex George6 of 24

Dr Alex George

He was unlucky in love since he entered the villa. No one stepped forward for him, Laura dumped him for Wes, Samira made it clear she didn't want to be coupled up with him, Megan kissed Eyal in front of him and then Ellie chose Charlie over him.But it appeared that his luck had changed when the gorgeous Alexandra joined the villa and picked the doctor over the two new boys (Idris and Kieran). So why oh why did he then quickly turn for new girl Laura Crane? Unfortunately for Alex, she wasn't interested, so he recoupled with rejected Alexandra out of necessity. After spending an amazing date driving around in a Ferrari together, Alex then told a loved-up Alexandra that he just wasn't interested anymore and dumped her. She accused him of stringing her along and called his behaviour 'shameful'. She subsequently told Closer that 'there's something wrong with him'. Rat Rating: 7 (maybe he'd be even rattier if more girls had given him a chance to be?

Liam Reardon7 of 24

Liam Reardon

Liam - the plot twist we didn't want to happen. When the Love Island 2021 boys went to Casa Amor we was hoping Liam would stay loyal to Millie but he didn't. Straight away he shared a bed with Lillie, flirted with her and even shared a few kisses outside of the challenges. He returned to the villa single but everyone was stunned when Lillie also turned up and exposed him.

Georgia Steel8 of 24

Georgia Steel

Fans warmed to Georgia after Josh Denzel broke her heart by going off with Kazimir Crossley in Casa Amor while she stayed loyal to him. But viewers did a U-turn when Georgia SNOGGED her best pal Laura Anderson's fella, 'new' Jack Fowler. To make things worse, Georgia didn't mention the kiss until Laura confronted her. Hell broke loose, with half the villa ganging up on Georgia. She said it was very much a mutual thing but fans saw the clip of her pulling Jack in for a smooch. Georgia was coupled up with Sam Bird, who stood by her side until the lovebirds left the villa. On the outside, things didn't work out so well when Sam ended the relationship after accusing 'loyal' Georgia of cheating with an ex. Rat Rating: 8 (we could have ignored the cheeky peck, but cheating on the outside, too? Come on, Georgia!)

Alex Bowen9 of 24

Alex Bowen

Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after a romp with Alex Bowen within HOURS during the second series. But Alex pied her off pretty much immediately for Olivia Buckland. However, this rat might have redeemed himself, as he proposed to Olivia in 2017 and the pair married in 2018. Rat Rating: 6

Rykard Jenkins10 of 24

Rykard Jenkins

Rykard Jenkins - who had been cracking on with Rachel Fenton - had sex with Olivia Buckland in the bed next to Rachel while she slept. EWWW. The pair kept it a secret, until Caroline Flack broke the truth to Rachel about what happened between the sheets. But Rachel and Rykard stayed together for 18 months after the show ended. We're assuming they didn't share a bedroom with anyone else this time. Rat Rating: 8

Brad McClelland11 of 24

Brad McClelland

OG contestant Brad didn't have the best luck in the villa. He coupled up with Faye but it quickly became clear that there wasn't a spark. When Rachel arrived he seemed totally infatuated (that may have been because whoever she didn't couple up with would be booted from the villa). But when Lucinda arrived his head did a 180, he dumped Rachel and later she was booted from the villa.

Tyla Carr12 of 24

Tyla Carr

Tyla Carr sobbed when Jonny Mitchell gave up his place so that she could stay in the villa. She gave him an emotional goodbye and asked him to wait for her on the outside. It took exactly three days for her to forget all about him and hook up with Muggy Mike Thalassitis. The public were NOT impressed, and viewers voted the pair out a week before the final. Tyla has since settled down. The former love-rat gave birth to a baby boy in December 2018 - the baby daddy isn't in the public eye.Rat Rating: 7

Marcel Somerville13 of 24

Marcel Somerville

Things looked good for couple Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen...until they left the villa. Nine months later, Marcel had sex with another girl while the pair were on holiday and Gabby was downstairs in the hotel gym. OUCH. Suffice to say, the couple are no more.Rat rating: 10

Adam Collard14 of 24

Adam Collard

What is a Love Island love rat list without Adam Collard? Although, technically, he's probably more of an oily snake. Within a month, Adam ditched three girls before moving onto the next (Kendall Rae-Knight, Rosie Williams and Zara McDermott). His regularly used line 'I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to her, like' when new girls enter the villa, has become a meme in its own right. His unacceptable actions include dumping Rosie for Zara just hours after 'doing bits' in bed with her. He also shared a bed and some snogs with Darylle Sargeant before reuniting with Zara when he was booted from the show.Although Adam and Zara moved in together, Adam reportedly broke up with his girlfriend of 6 months, Zara by text in February 2018. Rat Rating: 8

Naomi Bell15 of 24

Naomi Bell

Audiences loved Naomi when she arrived late to the Love Island villa and shredded some light on the Love Islander's deceipt - notably, Jessica Hayes' fibs about rejecting the Alberti twins. BUT fans of the show were shocked when oh-so-sweet Naomi stole Jess' partner Joshua Ritchie, before getting bored of him and coupling up with Jess' second choice, Max Morley. Although Max and Jess got back together and won the show, they parted ways shortly after cameras stopped rolling and Max and Naomi were pictured together months later. Ouch! Rat Rating: 7

Jonny Mitchell16 of 24

Jonny Mitchell

Jonny, Jonny, JONNY. Where do we begin? Jonny wasn't in the original lineup, but landed on his feet when he coupled up with fan favourite Camilla Thurlow. If he was good enough for our girl Camilla, then he was good enough for us - but things turned sour when the couple disagreed on equality. Camilla was less than impressed when Jonny complained he'd feel 'emasculated' if a girl paid for dinner. Camilla wisely dumped Jonny a few days later, but was upset when Jonny flaunted his new romance with Tyla. After leaving the villa, Jonny went on to date Stephanie Pratt (oh, the wonderfully small world of reality TV) but the pair split in December 2017. Jonny's latest conquest is model Danielle Zarb-Cousin, whom he got ENGAGED to in December 2018, after dating for less than one year.Rat Rating: 7

Frankie Foster17 of 24

Frankie Foster

Frankie was a beacon of light for unlucky-in-love Samira. Fans were over the moon when the fitness coach appeared to be a perfect match for our favourite Love Island girl after weeks of unsuccessful dating. But all good things must come to an end, and viewers were disappointed when he was voted out of the villa by his fellow islanders, cutting short the couple's blossoming romance. BUT Samira gave up her place in the Love Island villa, leaving her pals behind to be with Frankie in the UK - cute, right? Sadly for Samira, Frankie turned out to be another frog. Multiple cheating rumours quickly emerged and Samira dumped the slimey toad after just one month on the outside. You're better off without him, Samira. Rat rating: 6

Anna Vakili18 of 24

Anna Vakili

It was a slow start for Anna, but when Jordan Hames entered the villa in week five things started to look up for her.The issues started when she met Ovie in Casa Amore and sparks instantly flew. Recoupling with Ovie and bringing him back to the villa with her, Anna looked suitably guilty when it transpired that Jordan had in fact stayed loyal. What ensued was a weeks worth of excruciating back-ing and forth-ing between Ovie and Jordan while Anna tried to make up her mind, only ending when Ovie finally put his foot down and old Jordan, "You can have her".Rat rating: 4

Curtis Pritchard19 of 24

Curtis Pritchard

Curtis's behaviour hasn't been the most outrageously awful in the 2019 series, but the amount of pain he caused Amy through his conniving and scheming has been insidiously toxic – which we think is much worse. "Mr Perfect" went to enormous lengths during the first four weeks to convince Amy and, more importantly, the voting public that he was the perfect man, a gentleman, #boyfriendgoals. But it soon became apparent that he'd masterminded the whole charade, leaving Amy so heartbroken she had to leave the villa and cut her Love Island experience short. Needless to say, Curtis has stayed on to enjoy a new romance and continuing support from the lads in the villa.Rat rating: 10

Michael Griffiths20 of 24

Michael Griffiths

Despite the fact that we really fancy Michael, his gaslighting of Amber when new girl Joanna joined the villa was unforgivable. Everyone was surprised when his head was turned, but we were even more disappointed when he turned the whole thing back around on Amberand said it was all her fault.Meanwhile, he lied to both Joanna and Amber about what he'd said to his former flame, when what he was actually trying to do was to keep his options open.Rat rating: 7

Jordan Hames21 of 24

Jordan Hames

After Jordan Hames asked Anna Vakili to be his girlfriend following an OTT tour of the villa, his head was turned literally one day later by bombshell India Reynolds, and he called her for a chat before even speaking to Anna first. His reasoning was that Anna wasn't he who thought he was – which seems to be the default excuse for the lads in this series.Rat rating: 9

Mike Boateng22 of 24

Mike Boateng

We all felt for seemingly nice guy Mike when Leanne Amaning got "the ick" and decided she couldn't bare to be around him – after all, he'd been nothing but nice to her. But when he quickly turned his attentions to Jess and became the creepiest man alive – likening himself to a "sexy side dish" – before swiftly moving on in Casa Amor, we kind of got what she meant. Sorry, Leanne.

Jess Gale23 of 24

Jess Gale

Meanwhile, despite insisting she was going to give things a proper go with Luke M because it was "the right thing to do", Jess couldn't have made it any more obvious that she was more interested in Mike and after basically forcing Luke to call things off over a shady challenge move, was snogging Mike minutes later.

Callum Jones24 of 24

Callum Jones

Callum coupled up with Shaughna Phillips on the first day and after a few early bumps in the road they'd become the strongest couple in the villa when Casa Amor started – which was the beginning of the end, with Callum quickly developing (and acting on) a "strong sexual attraction" to Molly Smith while Shaughna pined for him in the main villa.


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When she bravely came out as bisexual

Given the criticism and shaming she’s received about her romantic and sexual relationships, you wouldn’t blame Megan for keeping some aspects of her love life out of the public eye but instead she’s just about as open and honest as you can get and came out as bisexual just months after appearing on Love Island.

Yet again, the headlines mainly focused on what she gets up to in the bedroom when she made a throwaway comment about having “better sex” with women, but Megan quickly hit back and insisted, “‘I'm not going for women solely because I have better sex with them. It's about a connection but they don't even talk about that, and the headline is all 'Megan has better sex with women', that’s 1% of why I like women.”

When she defended sex workers

Megan’s always been open and honest about her history with sex work, from working in a strip club to producing her own intimate content on OnlyFans, and regularly speaks out in defence of sex workers now that she has a larger platform.

Last year, Megan dressed up as Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman character Vivian Ward for Halloween and told her Instagram followers, “To anyone who still shames sex workers of thinks sex work isn’t work - big mistake, huge! I was shamed for it. I was shamed by my friends and those in my local area too.

“Contrary to stereotypes of sex workers being addicts, ‘sluts’ and people with no hope, I had a completely different experience. These women and myself were choosing to make money this way. We believed and still believe that we should be the ones making the decisions on what we do with OUR bodies. Freedom of choice is a crucial element of feminism that people often overlook. With these women, a true sisterhood was formed, and we supported and cared for one another and looked out for each other.”

She added, “This year, I’ve spoken increasingly openly about the liberation of sex workers given the popularity of OnlyFans and the debate around exclusive content sites, so this year, I am honouring myself and all sex workers with a Vivian Ward outfit. It feels like we have made some progress, but there is still such a long way to go. Happy Halloween to you all, here’s to healthier, and more liberated sexual culture.”

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When she advocated for greater sex and relationships education in schools

After a number of negative experiences at school, Megan has previously called for sex and relationships education taught to children to be improved and even volunteered herself for the task. She told The Sun, “Sex education is really important and I want to go back to school to teach kids and answer questions they might be too embarrassed or shy to ask their teachers. Schools have a responsibility, as do parents, to teach their kids.

“I think if it’s awkward and weird coming from a much older teacher it doesn’t work or sink in. Me teaching sex education in schools would be brilliant.”

Earlier this month, Megan even took part in a debate at the Oxford Union and stressed the importance of greater sex education in schools so that children don’t turn to porn to learn about sex.

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