Love Island fans SHOCK as Curtis Pritchard cruelly dumps Amy Hart

love island amy and curtis split

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

It looks like it's all over for Amy and Curtis

Love Island viewers have been stunned following last night's episode that saw the end of Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard's four-week relationship after he cruelly dumped her.

It all began when Jourdan Riane entered the villa and managed to turn Curtis' head. The ballroom dancer admitted he was attracted to her and went as far as confessing that he'd couple up with her instead of Amy.

Poor Amy returned from Casa Amor loyal and completely unaware that Curtis wasn't happy in their relationship but then he ended up breaking her heart after revealing their relationship isn't perfect.

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Just when we thought they'd kiss and make up, they proved us wrong because last night [4th] after Amy read the list of things she wanted to discuss, Curtis appeared to make it clear that he no longer wanted to make things work.

Amy explained to her half-boyfriend: "I don’t think you ever actually liked me at all. I feel like I was an acceptable placeholder until you found someone better.

"You did but then she [Jourdan] coupled up with Danny so you came back to your back-up plan. I don’t think you actually fancy me. You’re having meaningful snogs with other girls when I’m not here. How is that OK?"

love island amy curtis

Curtis then defended himself and said: "I do like you and I can see a future with you. You are fantastic. Everything I have said to you I have meant."

However things took a U-turn when Amy gave him an ultimatum but he apologised and said: "I can't promise you that this won't happen again.

"I don't want to ever hurt you. I can't hurt you."

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Viewers were shocked at the end of their relationship, with one person writing: "I'm truly shocked and heartbroken at what Curtis has done to Amy. i've never been so lost for words."

Another commented: "Also Curtis has proper shocked me. I don't really like Amy tbh, however I aren't going to sit here and say she deserves what has happened to her. He's basically cheated on her. F--KBOY ALERT. #LoveIsland". [sic]

love island amy

Someone else said: "Shell shocked that Curtis was a snake and a liar all this time though never would have called it. Sad #LoveIsland"

One more added: "So shocked at how Curtis's behaviour has changed omg went from being goals to a f--k boy #loveisland".

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However some people defended Curtis, with one person saying: "This maybe wrong but I actually feel really sorry for Curtis all he has done is be honest with how he feels 🙈 #LoveIsland"

Someone else commented: "Curtis my g😂😂 bless him like he’s in a police interrogation Amy needs to calm the f--k down #loveisland"

Another added: "Amy and Curtis are having the same conversation over and over just in different ways, so boring 🙄 get Amy out pls the man was honest with you #loveisland"

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.

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