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We found out who's on ITV's naughty list...

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by Ben Pulsford |

If there's one thing we love more than a good Islander it's a bad Islander; and by a bad Islander we mean one that isn't afraid to break the silliest of Love Island rules – and believe us, there are plenty. Seriously, we're about five years away from full-blown scripts and 9pm bed times; maybe even an exam at the end. Don't come for us, ITV2, we're just joking; cause we'd defs be bad Islanders.

Anyway, the Powers that Be of Love Island (AKA the producers) have laid down their law in one heck of a rule book (adding to it time and time again like the Charmed Ones) and aren't afraid to tell off or punish any Love Islander that dare go against their sacred text.

Bombshell Nathalia spilled the tea on this week's Love Island Secrets. ©ITV ©©ITV

Naturally, naughty behaviour is always a hot topic on each week's edition of Closer's YouTube series, Love Island Secrets, and this week was no exception. This week, we asked recently dumped bombshells, Deji, Nathalia and Billy, which of their fellow Islanders were the naughtiest and encouraged them to spill the beans on any specific naughty behaviour.

We can't lie, we were flat out expecting some Ekin-Su and Davide shade here (Nathalia's freshly manicured talons were glistening under the studio lighting ready to swipe), but instead, the majority of the bus-throwing was aimed at Luca; it seems he's now evolved from a winey toddler into a naughty school boy.

According to the gorgeous trio, both Luca and Jacques got in trouble the most inside the villa.

Deji (the love of all our lives) revealed, "When they were together, yeah, Luca and Jacques."

He then turned to Billy, to say, "Remember the time production came to speak to them and they hid under the water (in the pool)?"

Luca Bish Jacques O'Neill
Luca and Jacques. ©ITV ©©ITV

See where our naughty school boy analogy came from now?

Nathalia decided to keep the Luca shade going by revealing, "In the changing room, the (producer's) voice would constantly tell him, 'go down, go down' and he would not leave Gemma."

But to be fair to Luca and Jacques, they weren't the only naughty boys keeping producers on their toes this year.

Deji went on to admit, "I got in trouble a lot. I usually just tell everyone everything. So, yeah, I got in trouble."

Deji Love Island
Deji. ©ITV ©©ITV

When asked to recall a specific moment Deji got in trouble, he said, "Sometimes I actually forget I'm in the villa and they can hear everything, so I would just say, 'Yeah, that headline was about you" and then, yeah, I'd get in trouble for that."

OMG, was it one of ours? We hope it was a fierce one.

Fun fact for all our Love Island Secrets fans, did you know that producers make announcements within the villa a la Big Brother - you just don't see these on camera. During this week's episode of Love Island Secrets, Deji, Nathalia and Billy revealed that Islanders had their own names for each of the voices.

Billy and Nathalia said they called the "voice of God" Amy, but there were other names for different producers, including Amy 2 and Lewis.

Nathalia said of Lewis, "He scared me about three times. I was just in the toilet and then all of a sudden a voice came on and I was like, 'Oh my God!'"

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