Dumped Islanders reveal Gemma and Luca are ‘not as they seem’ in real life

"It's not as it seems"

Gemma Luca Love Island

by Ben Pulsford |

We're coming to the climactic end of this year's series of Love Island, which means we're coming to the end of this year's Love Island Secrets series, too. Boo. It's been emosh, guys, but don't forget, it all kicks off again in January 2023 with the return of Winter Love Island, and with it, the end of our social lives once again.

On this week's edition of Love Island Secrets, we couldn't help but ask loose-lipped Casa Amor bombshells Chyna Mills, Josh Samuel Le Grove and Coco Lodge which Islander or couple has been misrepresented with their Love Island edit? In other words, the dirty edit question...

If you're wondering what we're getting at with that question, bear in mind that Love Island editors and producers have 24 hours (ish) worth of footage to whittle down into an hour-long episode. They've then got to mould this footage into some sort of narrative to entertain the millions of drama-thirsty viewers watching at home (hiya).

Don't get us wrong, we're the first to call out Love Island producers for stirring the pot too aggressively, but if they don't stir it all, you'll be watching a dozen half-naked Brits sleeping in the sun all day - which if you ask us is a little creepy.

Anyway, interestingly, Coco responded by revealing that she believed Gemma Owen's and Luca Bish's relationship was different to what we were seeing in our living rooms.

She said, "I think the way that Luca looks extremely possessive over Gemma is not correct."

Coco continued, "When you're in there, like, he lets her have her space."

Chyna added, "It's not as it seems [on the outside]."

Luca Bish Love Island

Many fans and media outlets have criticised Brighton fishmonger Luca Bish for his apparent "controlling behaviour" in his relationship with Gemma Owen, in addition to his questionable treatment of Tasha Ghouri, which even Gemma's mum has called "close to bullying".

In a further twist to this tale, during a recent interview, dumped Casa Amor bombshell Jazmine Nichol was asked who she had the biggest connection with, and to our surprise revealed, “The only connection I did have was with Luca.”

“If I was even like making a coffee he’d come over and check that I was fine. I’d get him to talk about where his head was at, mentally and it was just like, it wasn’t just humour, it was mental like ‘are you alright?’ checking on each other and I needed that in the villa, so I’ve got nothing to say but love about Luca. He’s getting a bad edit," she explained on the Murad Merali podcast.

Jazmine then went on to reveal that she had even spoken to Luca's family, who also agree that he is being misrepresented on our screens, adding, “I’ve spoke to his family and they agree – it’s a bad edit.”

The dirty edit strikes again?

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