EXCLUSIVE: Shaughna Phillips reveals why Love Island texts are a LIE

'I got a text!' Did you though, hun? Did you really?

love island texts

by Hannah Mellin |

Love Island's "I GOT A TEXT" phrase is probably the most iconic in the show's history. Islanders lives seem to be controlled through receiving texts, from news of hot new bombshells to the dreaded, "Can Islanders please gather around the fire pit immediately."

However, while we knew that Islanders should to be ready to receive a text at any time, we thought that when the little 'tring' trings, the timing comes as a surprise.

Well it seems like we have been played for fools, and no mistake. Love Island Winter legend Shaughna Phillips has revealed that the process isn't as organic as we are ed to believe.

Speaking exclusively to Closer alongside 2018 winner Jack Fincham, Shaughna admitted that producers would give out phones just before a text pops through.

"Sometimes [producers] walk past you and drop your phone you're like 'here we go,'" she told us.

"You start prepping, sucking in everything, because you know it's going to be it's you."

WATCH Shaughna and Jack reveal why the texts the Islanders reveal are a LIE | Love Island Secrets

Jack revealed that there is a tannoy system in the villa that tells the Islanders where they need to be, which he affectionally named the 'voice of God'.

"You'll be sitting there and it will go, 'Islanders, please make you way to where ever' and you know something is going to happen."

And now the magic has been ruined FOREVER.

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