EXCLUSIVE Jack Fincham reveals LIE Georgia Steel told in the Love Island villa

by Ben Pulsford |

A new edition of Closer's Love Island secrets delivered just that this week, courtesy of special guests Shaughna Phillips from winter Love Island and Jack Fincham from season four.

When asked if any drama happened in the infamous smoking area during his season of Love Island, Jack recalled an issue with fellow Islander Georgia Steel, who was dumped from the villa on Day 47 of the 2018 series. In fact, Jack exclusively revealed to Closer that Georgia lied to him about stealing cigarettes in the villa.

"You were allowed a certain amount of cigarettes outside and I used to go up to the guy on the camera thing and be like, 'can I go for a cigarette? Please? Please?'"

He continued, "I remember going out there once and all my snout (cigarettes) had gone and I was like, 'where've they gone?'

"The only one who smoked the same ones as me at the time was Georgia Steel. She nicked all my cigarettes. I was like, 'you cheeky little b-gger'.

"It took her a couple of days to admit it. She went, 'Ah, I did take them'.

"I was like, 'I knew you did. You should've told me at the start. I knew you took them", said Jack jovially.

If this all sounds a tad familiar, you're probably recalling the much bigger lie Georgia told (and clung to) during her time in the villa. The season four Islander famously fibbed about kissing fellow Islander Jack Fowler on their date (arguably the most talked about kiss of the series), after being outed by a lie detector during a challenge – and then just kept fibbing, even after the footage was shown on Love Island: Aftersun. The ongoing fib caused a rift between Georgia and fellow Islander, Laura Anderson.

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