Love Island: Faye Winter slammed over ‘harmful’ Rachel Finni feud

'Faye should have kept quiet because what is this?'

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

The drama has finally begun on Love Island 2022 but it's the cast of the last year's series that's got everyone talking on social media.

It all kicked off when Brad McClelland, Aaron Francis, Jake Cornish and Tyler Cruickshank all laughed on Instagram Live when they were discussing Love Island bombshells and Rachel Finni's name came up.

During the Live, Brad went a step further and said, "Ha, Rachel, yet again, not a bombshell."

After the Instagram Live went viral, Rachel hit out at the "actual nobodies" and admitted she regrets going on Love Island.

Then Kaz Kamwi (who branded the feud 'harmful') and Shannon Singh jumped in to defend Rachel but things took a turn when Sharon Gaffka - who is friends with all the boys - stepped in and rather defend Rachel, she appeared to brush off the drama.

"I was apart of the live but not present when this was happening.

"So please exclude me from this," she tweeted.

Sharon later backtracked and admitted, "I’m sorry for Rachel who has clearly had her feelings hurt in a public setting".

Tyler and Brad have since apologised but now Faye Winter has gotten herself involved and it's not gone down well with fans.

"I wasn't going to say anything but it's got to a point where I've got the experience to shed some light," Faye began.

"I DO NOT agree with the comments and reactions regarding Rachel, any woman would be upset with these comments and I'm thinking of her during this time."

Faye then went on to mention that she received 25,000 Ofcom complaints after she shouted at Teddy Soares (and some of her other co-stars) during an entire episode and while she's "not diminishing Rachel's feeling" she added, "Some [of the Love Island boys on the Instagram Live] have had threats on themselves and family members".

She then added, "You really have to sit back and think who's the real villain here, someone that's made the comments and apologised or those that have made disgusting comments against individuals and family members".

It's safe to say her statement didn't go down well as one person tweeted, "Faye, sweety everybody was beginning to kind of like you so why did you have to ruin it with this. Understand your place & take several seats or if anything tell your man to correct his boys because that's what they are disgusting, immature, childish little boys."

Another person commented, "Faye should’ve kept that in her drafts. We didn’t ask for her input. An input that swayed away from everything Rachel was feeling btw. Why she made it about herself and the public? No idea. Distasteful #Loveisland".

Someone else said, "Faye should’ve kept quiet because what is this? How has this become about you?".

Rachel has seemingly hit back at Faye and Sharon by writing on her Instagram Story, "ANDDD this is where it becomes about everyone else. The most unaffected people".

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