We all need to take communication lessons from Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi

We’ve never met a reality star with such poise and grace

love island kaz kamwi communication

by Hannah Mellin |

We can think of a lot of reasons why we utterly adore Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi: her almost effortless fashion sense, her confidence to be nothing other than her true self, the fact her talent during the talent show was just to lie there and look sexy (obsessed) and her ride or die friendship with the girls in the villa (especially with her bestie Liberty Poole). It’s hard to find a fault in Kaz, in fact, we can’t find any.

But the way Kaz, who is only 26 years old, communicates and articulates herself with such poise during times of adversity and arguments in the villa is something we’ve never seen from a reality star before.

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We saw it when she handled the way Toby Aromolaran ditched her for Chloe Burrows early on in the series (“you could have told me but it’s fine”), we saw it when her love interest Tyler Cruickshank had his head turned by Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor (“whatever it is, just make sure it’s honest this time”).

It’s truly amazing how Kaz remains so calm and collected in a pressure cooker environment like Love Island, where emotions are running at an all-time high and you’re cut off from the outside world. Every reality TV fan loves drama, you can’t deny it, but Kaz delivers it in a completely different way to her co-stars.

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love island kaz kamwi communication
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We also saw Kaz conduct herself amazingly when both Faye Winter and Teddy Soares and Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson recently confronted her and Tyler about why they decided to vote them as the least compatible couples in the villa.

Aaron went in on Kaz, calling her reasons for voting them – that she was extremely honest about – “bullsh*t” and “a cop out”.

But of course, she clapped back amazingly, “'Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want the answer!”, and cut him off when he didn’t let her finish was she was saying, “I’m going to park you there so I can finish my sentence then you can decide what you’re going to say to me”.

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Instead of flying off the handle when it comes to confrontation, Kaz embraces it, really listens to what the other person is saying (even if she doesn’t agree), doesn’t shout and scream and thinks about what she is going to say next.

She’s the epitome of “think before you speak” and we wish we could be like her. Some viewers have described her way of dealing with arguments as “condescending," but while everyone is entitled to their opinion, I would say she is more confident and sure of herself. It’s clear she doesn’t love arguing, at all, she tries to stay away from it if possible, but she won’t let anyone take her for a fool.

A lot viewers agree that Kaz’s communication skills are “flawless”, with one saying, “The skill that Kaz has, how she articulates herself, how she reasons, how she communicates etc! CHEF KISSES #LoveIsland."

Another added, “I LOVE the way Kaz articulates and communicates in these circumstances. She needs to teach this because it is flawless #LoveIsland."

If we had to take any lessons from this year’s Love Island, mine is to be more Kaz Kamwi.

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