Who is Lacey Turner? Everything you need to know about the EastEnders star

Lacey Turner

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She plays Stacey Fowler but how much do you really know about Lacey Turner? We've got everything you need to know about the actress

She's been on our TV screens since she first joined Albert Square in 2004 and over the years we've seen Lacey Turner grow from a teenager to a woman.

We've seen her on several TV shows, she's been involved in some of the most juiciest storylines on EastEnders and has won a whopping 31 awards as a result of her incredible portrayal of Stacey Fowler.

She may have been on the BBC One show for quite some time but how much do you know about Lacey's private life? Well we've got all the answers; from her partner and her siblings to how many children she wants...


Lacey Turner Explainer - STACKED

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Who does Lacey Turner play on EastEnders?

Lacey first joined the cast of EastEnders back in 2004 as Stacey Slater. Back then she had an attitude and she was very feisty but we can't forget how adorable she was with her boyfriend Bradley Branning.Over the years she's cheated on Bradders with his dad Max Branning (we will never forget that infamous Christmas Day episode it all came out), she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she killed her rapist Archie Mitchell and she after giving birth to her son Arthur she developed postpartum psychosis. It's safe to say she's been through a lot but she's a Slater (now a Fowler) which means she's a fighter.

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How old is Lacey Turner?

The EastEnders actress was born on March 28 1988 which makes her 30.

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Who is Lacey Turner married to?

Despite thinking her now-husband was 'arrogant' when they first met, Lacey and her partner Matt Kaye started dating in 2006 and ten years later the pair got engaged. How fancy!

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Lacey Turner

Lacey and Matt got on a gondola in Venice. Speaking about the moment her partner got down on one knee, the EastEnders star told OK! magazine: "We were on our gondola trip and I was just looking around and suddenly all of these rose petals were floating down from the bridge above."I said yes straight away, of course! Although as we cuddled afterwards the gondola tipped a bit and we nearly fell off! "I was sobbing after Matt proposed – it was such a shock."N'aww.

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When did Lacey Turner get married?

Just a year after getting engaged, the happy couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Ibiza. They also broke a lot of traditions for their big day; they stayed together on the night before their wedding, both of Lacey's parents walked her down the aisle, her bridesmaids wore white, she didn't wear shoes on her wedding day and they didn't have a wedding cake. Speaking about their incredible day, Lacey admitted it "felt like an amazing dream". She added: "We're on cloud nine, it doesn't feel real."Lacey and Matt got married in September 2017 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family, friends and some of her co-stars including James Bye, Jake Wood, Aaron Sidwell, Laurie Brett, Scott Maslen and Dame Barbara Windsor.

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Does Lacey Turner have any children?

She's a mum-of-three to Lily, Arthur and Hope, on EastEnders but in real life Lacey doesn't have any children. She's previously spoke about having a big family with her husband though and admitted she'd like to have four kids in the future.

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Does Lacey Turner have any siblings?

Lacey is the eldest sister to Daisy and Lily who have both appeared in TV soaps. EastEnders viewers saw the youngest sibling, Lily Harvey, in Walford when she played Kat Moon's friend Martina's daughter Shenice. Daisy (far left in the photo) also appeared in Hollyoaks for six months as Jenny Houston but was brutally murdered by serial killer Silas Blissett.

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Was Lacey Turner on Our Girl?

She sure was. After leaving EastEnders in 2010, Lacey appeared in the third series of Being Human, Switch and Our Girl. Lacey played the main character of the first series of the show – Molly Dawes.

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Will Lacey Turner return to Our Girl?

At the moment Michelle Keegan is the face of Our Girl but Lacey Turner hasn't ruled out going back on the programme. Speaking to the Radio Times, she said: "It's so hard, I'm so busy at EastEnders, it's really hard to get away and to take that up again."I loved playing her, I'm a huge, huge fan of Our Girl. I don't know."

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What's Lacey Turner's Instagram?

You can follow Lacey on Instagram at @laceyturner.

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What's Lacey Turner's Twitter?

If you're a Twitter user why not follow Lacey, her username is @LaceyTurner.

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Does Lacey Turner have any tattoos?

She's on our TV screens four times a week and we all know her as Stacey Fowler but did you know the EastEnders star has quite a few tattoos. They are all on her back and she has two birds, a hamsa hand, an elephant and a quote which reads: "Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."

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Is Lacey Turner going on Strictly?

Despite Strictly Come Dancing being on BBC One, Lacey Turner has admitted she's declined going on the show because she's "rubbish at dancing".However, she did admit she'd go on I'm A Celeb so reality fans we might get to see her over on ITV in the future!

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