Kerry Katona shares ICU fears after second positive Covid test

Not the best start to the year, then

Kerry Katona

by Marianna Manson |

Kerry Katona has revealed she’s still suffering from Covid-19 weeks after testing positive for the virus in mid December.

Kerry first told fans she’d contracted coronavirus before Christmas, admitting the big day was a struggle and that “me and Ryan literally thought we were dying”.

But now a second positive test shows the virus has been lingering for weeks.

“I’m still struggling with coronavirus. I’ve had another test and I’m still positive,” she said. “I felt so bad over Christmas. I actually felt alright on Christmas Day and thought I was on the mend, but every now and then I’ll start to feel weak, and I’ve got a terrible chesty cough and a sore throat.”

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“I think if I was still a smoker, I’d be in ICU now. I’m just trying to act as normal as possible, even though I don’t feel it," she wrote in her column for new! magazine.

Earlier this year, Kerry and TOWIE’s Bobby Norris were forced to hit back at so-called conspiracy theorist Hugo Macqueenie who accused them of accepting money from the government to pretend they had the virus.


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Dismissing the claims, the TOWIE star swiftly slammed Hugo, writing on his Instagram that the claims were "ridiculously false (and libellous)."

"I have tested positive for coronavirus and haven’t received a penny to say so..." he said, "This is disgusting to the thousands of people who have lost their lives to this virus and also those currently suffering with it like myself..."

"I’m honestly gobsmacked at some people! I honestly wouldn’t wish Covid on anybody,” agreed Kerry. “People are dying from this illness what the f-ck is the matter with you?

"Doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, a judge, a lollipop lady, a dinner lady, black, white, male, female this virus doesn’t care, If you’re going to get it you’re [going to] get it!"

For more information on coronavirus please head to the NHS website.

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