Bobby Norris and Kerry Katona hit back at troll amid claims they ‘pretended’ to have COVID

They're not happy

kerry katona bobby norris hit back at troll

by Lucy Smith |

Bobby Norris and Kerry Katona have taken to social media to hit back at 'disgusting' claims that they've been lying about having coronavirus.

The pair were trolled by social media personality Hugo Macqueenie who posted on Instagram earlier this week alleging that Kerry and Bobby, as well as the stars of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, had been "paid 5 grand to pretend they have [coronavirus.]"

Dismissing the claims, the TOWIE star swiftly slammed Hugo, writing on his Instagram that the claims were "ridiculously false (and libellous)."

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Jake's time on TOWIE was mainly characterised by his on / off relationship with Chloe Lewis and his alleged cheating on her. He finally (sort of) confessed that he'd done the dirty with Megan McKenna in a very emosh scene on a park bench. Ah, precious memories.

"I have tested positive for Coronavirus and haven’t received a penny to say so.." he said, "This is disgusting to the thousands of people who have lost their lives to this virus and also those currently suffering with it like myself.."

Since uploading his grid post, Hugo, who once starred on Channel 4's The Sex Clinic, commented asking Bobby to post his NHS result and so, soon after, the former Celebs Go Dating star did just that, confirming in writing that he had indeed tested positive for COVID 19.

bobby norris proves positive covid result
Bobby's NHS result confirmed that he had tested positive for coronavirus. ©Instagram @bobbycnorris

After proving his positive result, Hugo blocked Bobby.

"I feel too ill and tired to entertain this nonsense anymore this evening," finished the 34-year-old.

Fans were quick to defend Bobby, sharing their disbelief in the comments with messages including, " Ignore it Bobs," and, "Absolutely ridiculous claim!!"

Mimicking the reality star's sentiment, Kerry Katona jumped on the slamming bandwagon, writing on her own Instagram that Hugo's statement was "vile and disgusting."

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She said, "I’m honestly gobsmacked at some people!! I honestly wouldn’t wish Covid on anybody!!! People are dying from this illness what the f**k is the matter with you??

"Doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, a judge, a lollipop lady, a dinner lady, black, white, male, female this virus doesn’t care!! If you’re going to get it you gotta get it!!!."

The former Atomic Kitten went on to add that Hugo's claim that she, Bobby and the RHOC stars "have no money" is completely false as she is working from home most days.

Kerry then threatened Hugo with legal action, finishing by saying, "Who on Earth would pay people to pretend to be poorly and ruin their Christmas without their family around??"

Oh dear...

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