Secret joy: the REAL reason Jacqueline Jossa’s forgiven cheat Dan Osborne

Why Jac forgives Dan and the baby joy that bonds them

Jacqueline Jossa Dan Osborne

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During their three-year marriage, Jacqueline Jossa has endured numerous rumours that her husband Dan Osborne has cheated on her.

And last week, he finally confessed that there was truth to some of the reports.

After vehemently denying claims of infidelity, Dan, 29, admitted in an interview he’s done things he “shouldn’t have” – but insisted his wife knows and has forgiven him.

While he didn’t pinpoint which betrayals were true – as he’s been linked to several women – Dan said, “I’ve made mistakes, yeah… Me and Jac have spoken about that and she has forgiven me. I was a different person. I take full responsibility for being crap.”

Who has Dan Osborne been accused of cheating on Jacqueline Jossa with?


Dan Osborne's alleged other women

Teddy Edwardes Dan Osborne1 of 4
CREDIT: Twitter/@teddyedwardes

Teddy Edwardes

Dan was accused of swapping x-rated messages and pictures with model Teddy Edwardes in 2015, however he denied sending naked snaps and claimed that his tattoos had been edited onto the images.

Gabby Allen Dan Osborne2 of 4

Gabby Allen

Reports claimed Dan had cheated on Jacqueline with Love Island star Gabby when they were pictured looking close on a yacht in Marbella, although both parties denied any wrongdoing. Dan and Gabby later lived in the Celebrity Big Brother house together and Jacqueline admitted "it wasn't nice to watch" even though she knew they were just friends. It was later reported that Gabby's ex Myles Stephenson confirmed the rumours to Jac when they both appeared on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Alexandra Cane Dan Osborne3 of 4

Alexandra Cane

Onlookers claimed Dan kissed Alexandra on a night out in Manchester. "Dan was all over Alexandra. At one point he grabbed her and kissed her," one eyewitness told The Sun.But the former TOWIE star denied the claims and insisted he was just friends with the Love Island star.

Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling Dan Osborne4 of 4

Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling

Dan's CBB housemate Chloe Ayling alleged he'd had a threesome with her and their co-star Natalie Nunn following a boozy night out and although he denied her claims, Natalie later insisted Chloe was telling the truth."I had sex with Dan in my hotel room. Chloe's story was true. I was drunk and it was a huge mistake but it happened," she told The Sun.

Although Jacqueline, 27, caused rumours of further conflict in May by moving out of their marital home and into her parents’ empty house, Dan said they will renew their wedding vows and are considering trying for a third baby.

He said, “We would like one [more baby], I guess. Jac looks amazing pregnant and it would be nice adding to the family.”

Just days after Dan’s public admission, they were pictured looking loved-up during a visit to the park with their two daughters – Ella, five, and Mia, two – while the ex-EastEnders actress told her Instagram followers they hope to create a reality show as a family.

His confession sparked fury among Jac’s fans, with some urging her to leave him, but relationship expert Jo Barnett says Jac can find joy in him admitting his wrongs, as it may be a turning point in their marriage and bring them closer.

Jo says, “It’s good that Dan has acknowledged his mistakes, as it means he accepts his actions were wrong and won’t do it again. It’s possible he’s done it now as he is determined to draw a line under the bad times so they can move forward and grow stronger as a couple. It is definitely possible to rebuild a relationship after infidelity, but only if both people really want to commit to each other and if the guilty party doesn’t cheat again, which Dan’s apology seems to signal.

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“Moving forward takes time – things like being open with his communication and whereabouts and leaving his mobile phone lying around, to prove he has nothing to hide, will slowly build up trust. Actions speak louder than words – never cheating again and not giving her any more grounds to feel he is untrustworthy is crucial.”

Their three-year marriage has been plagued by negative headlines. The former TOWIE star was accused of having a fling with Gabby Allen while Jac was eight months pregnant in May 2018, which they both denied. In the same year, the couple had to deny reports that Jacqueline messaged a woman on Twitter to ask if she’d slept with Dan. In March 2019, Dan was accused of “grinding” with Love Island’s Alexandra Crane at a Manchester bar – a report they both refuted.

Furthermore, Jacqueline’s time onI’m A Celeb! in December – which she won – was overshadowed by Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling’s claims they’d enjoyed a threesome with Dan on a night out in 2018, after starring onCBB together.

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Celebrity Big Brother's most outrageous moments SLIDER

roxanne pallett emmerdale1 of 31
CREDIT: Channel 5

Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of punching her

When Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas were playing fighting no one was quite prepared when the Emmerdale actress claimed that he punched her hard in the ribs. She was quick to tell the rest of the housemates, ask Big Brother why Ryan wasn't removed from the house and branded him 'a liar', 'manipulative' and 'calculating'. During an eviction the CBB crowd were chanting for Roxanne to leave and shortly after she quit the show.That didn't stop the nation from being furious and Ofcom received over 11,000 complaints. She's since apologised for her actions but Ryan's brother Adam has slammed her apology and so has the Corrie star's girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Kim loses her rag2 of 31

Kim Woodburn's explosive row

Security entered the house in 2017 to escort Kim Woodburn out, following an explosive row with her housemates.

Biggins gets the boot3 of 31

Christopher Biggins' shocking removal

In 2016, Christopher Biggins was removed from the house after making shocking homophobic and anti-Semitic comments.

What happens in the bathroom doesn't stay in the bathroom...4 of 31

Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan's bathroom saga

In 2016, Stephen told Chloe he wanted to "f**k her in the bathroom" while the pair got intimate after locking themselves in the bathroom... the noises were unbearable!

Uh oh Bear...5 of 31

Stephen Bear's love affair

In 2016, Stephen Bear's girlfriend entered the house to confront him after he cheated with housemate Chloe Khan.

GC'S diva antics6 of 31

Gemma Collins' controversial decision

In 2016, Gemma Collins chose to have a professional blow dry at the expense of her fellow housemates losing out on hot water and the use of hair appliances for the day.

Mad Megs7 of 31

Megan McKenna's meltdown

In 2016, Megan McKenna's drunken meltdown got her removed from the house by security.

CBB love affair8 of 31

Stephanie and Jeremy's romance

In 2016, Stephanie Davis publicly cheated with Jeremy McConnell, while her boyfriend tuned in to watch every night... awkward.


'David's Dead' confusion

In 2016, Tiffany Pollard was hysterical after mishearing Angie Bowie's news that her husband David Bowie had died, and mistaking him for her fellow housemate David Gest.

Dirty laundry humiliation10 of 31

Stephanie Davis' knickers humiliation

In 2016, John Partridge, Christopher Maloney and Darren Day came across Stephanie's dirty underwear and publicly mocked her stains, referring to them as "pigeon s--t".

Winston clashes with the house11 of 31

Winston McKenzie's homophobic slur

In 2016, housemates were left stunned as Winston McKenzie's homophobic views were exposed in a task, as he compared gay adoption to "child abuse".

Geordie Shore meets TOWIE12 of 31

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson's shower scene

In 2016, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor enjoyed a naked romp in the showers... Nice.

The Perez Show13 of 31

Perez Hilton's sexual threats

Perez Hilton repeatedly tells Calum Best he'd "shove his huge dk up your ae" during a heated row in 2015.

Perez vs. Katie14 of 31

Perez Hilton harassing Katie Hopkins

During their daily bust-ups in 2015, Perez Hilton tried to lick Katie Hopkins whilst singing "lick it good, suck this d**k just like you should"... charming.

Banana-gate15 of 31

Alicia Douvall banana-gate

In 2015, Alicia Douvall was left in tears after housemates caught her stealing bananas and hiding them under her bed... there's worse sins!

N-word bombshell16 of 31

Ken Morley's racist slur

Ken Morley was removed from the house in 2015 for using the 'n-word' in a heated discussion with Alexander O'Neal.

The love triangle drama17 of 31

Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor and Jasmine Waltz's love triangle

Following her on-screen romance with Lee Ryan, Jasmine Waltz re-entered the house after he quickly moved on to fellow housemate Casey Bachelor in 2014.

Leslie and Frenchy come to blows18 of 31

Leslie Jordan's row with Frenchy

In 2014, Leslie Jordan lost his cool with Frenchy after she cut up his underwear, calling her "white trash" and a "stinking French s**t!"

Na Na Neigh!19 of 31

Dappy's raunchy bathroom scene

Dappy 'windmilled' after jumping in the pool with Luisa in 2014.

CBB villains Speidi20 of 31

Spencer and Heidi Pratt's villainous antics

In 2013, Spencer and Heidi Pratt prevented housemate Claire Richards from getting a letter from her children... AND celebrated it.

Lauren takes a tumble21 of 31

Lauren Harries falling over 24/7

Lauren Harries constantly tripped over in 2013. How?!

Karissa was not impressed...22 of 31

Denise Welch's drunken antics

In 2012, Karissa Shannon threatened to leave and sue the show as a drunken Denise Welch jokingly pulled down her trousers and exposed her bum.

Frankie doesn't go to Hollywood23 of 31

Frankie Cocozza and Nicola Maclean get steamy in the hot tub

Frankie Cocozza and Nicola Maclean get steamy in the hot tub in 2012.

Julie takes a trip to the fruitbowl24 of 31

Julie Goodyear's banana scene

Julie Goodyear got a little too personal with a banana in 2012.

Jedward in their pants25 of 31

Jedward get vajazzled

Jedward got vajazzled by Amy Childs in 2011... not something you want to see every day.

Naked man alert!26 of 31

Alex Reid's beauty regime

Alex Reid got a fake tan in the buff in 2010.

Verne Troyer drink driving27 of 31

Verne Troyer's drunken collision

Verne Troyer had a head-on collision with the Diary Room after getting a bit tipsy in 2009.

Poppadomgate28 of 31

Jade Goody vs. Shilpa Shetty

Jade vs Shilpa in 2007 led to one of the most controversial CBB moments EVER and to Jade's silent eviction from the house.

And the award for Politician of the Year goes to...29 of 31

George Galloway's cat incident

George Galloway pretended to be a pussy-cat in 2006. A nation shuddered.

Heeeeeeere's Jackie!30 of 31

Jackie Stallone's shock arrival

Jackie Stallone's shock arrival in the house in 2003 was accompanied by the immortal line: 'Yeaaaah, Jaaaackie!'

Feltz Meltz31 of 31

Vanessa Feltz tragic meltdown

In the first ever CBB in 2001 Vanessa Feltz had a meltdown and scrawled posh words all over a table.

While Jacqueline stuck by him, the mum of two has previously admitted things haven’t always been easy, once saying, “[Having kids is] challenging – it tests your relationship.” And in June, she revealed she’d been in therapy, saying, “Daniel has made mistakes and I have to heal and deal with all of this… I am having counselling.”

But as it’s only been a few months since she moved back into the marital home after admitting she needed space during lockdown, Jo believes they shouldn’t rush into their plans for another child.

She explains, “In my opinion, having a band-aid baby is not a good idea – they need to heal the marriage first. My advice would be to continue working on their relationship for at least another year – if they are more solid than ever at that stage, then think about having a baby.”

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Those closest to Jac – whose career has gone from strength to strength in recent months, with her collection withIn The Style becoming its fastest-selling celebrity collaboration ever – believe her new-found self- confidence has helped save their marriage. Earlier this month, the size 12 actress modelled bikinis from her fashion range in Ibiza and told fans she was on a fitness kick “for her mind” rather than to get skinny.

Her cousin Ciara Asherwood told Closer, after Jac’s I’m a Celeb! victory, “She has grown in confidence and she’s really happy,” while a source added, “The tables have turned since I’m A Celeb! and he has realised that he is the lucky one.”

And as Dan confessed that he wouldn’t have stayed with her had she cheated, Jo believes that means he will appreciate his wife now more than ever.

She says, “Dan knows if the shoe was on the other foot he would find it unforgivable, so he probably feels lucky that she is giving him another chance. While it’s double standards, he’s saying, ‘She’s amazing for taking me back – how lucky am I?’”

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